Occam's razor, or how to explain the world...

The concept of Occam’s razor has been around a long time and says this…

“All things being equal, the simpler explanations are generally better
then more complex ones”

so let us use this as our guiding principle…

so, there are a wide group of people here who hold to quite complex
conspiracy theories… one example is the gLOOM corporations, big
pharma run the world and are forcing us to abide by covid rules
as a means of controlling the population… that takes a lot of people
and a lot, a lot of cooperation from not hundreds, or thousands but
hundreds of thousands of people… if not millions of people…

now if anyone who has ever been engaged in a large-scale operation,
as in a business situation where thousands of employees are required
to keep the operation going and AND stay silent… the logistics of
holding to a vast conspiracy is so mind boggling, that it defies
explanation… I have been part of a large-scale operation with my
current work and I can tell you from experience, that with every step
of complexity, there is more that can go wrong… even something
as organized and engaged as the military can quite often fuck things up
to the point of no return… hence the term ''FUBAR", which is a military term…

now we have a vast worldwide conspiracy theory that has to involve
millions worldwide… and once again, the logistics of running a worldwide
conspiracy theory this successful is so near impossible as to be beyond
belief…it is basically impossible to do… I don’t care how organized you
are, or how wealthy or powerful you are… it just isn’t possible to have
a worldwide conspiracy of this nature…
but let us think about Occam’s razor…

the simpler explanation is usually the correct one… so let us try this…

the current covid crisis is exactly as it is supposed to be…
it happened as suggested and it spread as it is supposed to have done,
and we are in 4th wave of covid, as advertised… and we need to take
shots, and wear mask and practice safe distances… as advertised…

now which scenario is simpler? a vast world wide conspiracy involving
millions or, OR what we see in front of us…no world wide conspiracy,
just people dying by the thousands every day because of idiots
who can’ see the obvious… which is to wear a mask, get the vaccines,
take simply precautions to protect the lives of our fellow citizens…

the simpler explanation makes more sense… which is Covid is natural,
and has no need for any worldwide conspiracy to spread as it has…
and there is no worldwide governmental or corporate conspiracy to
take control of the world… but of course, it makes too much sense
to use the simpler method of understanding the world, Occam’s razor…
instead, people have to engage in some insane conspiracy theory that
isn’t really logistically possible… it is beyond far-fetched to suppose
a worldwide conspiracy theory that involves millions to work out…

a little common sense and one using Occam’s Razor, will come
to the conclusion that there is no worldwide conspiracy theory
to dominate and control all life on earth… it just doesn’t make
sense because it is too complex for anyone, any large scale corporation
or any government, even working together, to pull off…logistically,
it just doesn’t make sense…

to those who believe in these conspiracy theories, please tell us the
actual working out of this massive worldwide conspiracy that needs
millions to begin, maintain and then to finally dominate and control
the world…

and then use Occam’s razor to work out the natural results
of this and you will see that using Occam’s razor,
we can hold that the covid crisis is actually what it is,
a natural event that continues because of idiots
who won’t mask up or get vaccinated… it is their actions
that is prolonging this covid crisis…or inactions as it were…

Use common sense and Occam’s razor and we can come to the truth…


the truth is that the conspiracy theorist are holding to
nonsense theories… that somehow, corporations are
capable of being competent…and anyone who has worked
in large corporations as I have, several including the one
I am working in right now, knows that corporations are incredible
inept and incompetent… they barely know what is going on
and the left hand never knows what the right hand is doing…

many here hold a bias against government, but it is a bias
that needn’t exists… as governments are as inept and incompetent
as big business…

where I work, one time rolled out a promotional thing
and it was so fucked up that corporate had to have company wide
meetings costing millions of dollars to apologize to the
employee’s…it took a couple of years to fix this particular
corporate fuck up and the company took a massive public hit…

to ascribe to corporations any kind of competence is simple
ignorance of the incompetent nature of the corporate world