Occult Symbalism in the Olympics

Just tuned into the opening ceremony.

Pyramids with the floating cap encircle the arena lol

Stay tuned for more.


Yeah… the medals are obviously going to win gold for occult layering and stuff like that.

As for Rik, me and Siatd had a discussion about this before. He thinks he just killed himself cause he couldn’t take it or something.

I dunno, but usually when something has this level of public knowledge they call it off.

It’s hardly occult when it’s right there in front of you.

I think he killed himself because he killed himself. Listen to his interviews, he was always taking about his mind ‘snapping’ and other phrases like that which are strong indications of struggling with sanity.

And that’s just a convenient, lazy way to avoid the simple fact that your prediction is wrong.

So, is Danny Boyle a part of this occult thing?

I’m sure Jordan Maxwell is currently carrying out a syllable by syllable deconstruction of the name ‘Danny Boyle’ to show everyone how he’s actually an incarnation of the devil, or something similar.

For all my scepticism about the mental patient Rik Clay and his abundant delusions, I did enjoy this UFO tribute with the olympic rings…

So you didn’t watch the 3d video.

People whose minds can understand this stuff generally are strong enough not to just commit suicide. It’s pretty rare. Then again maybe English people are just soft :slight_smile:

I didn’t make a prediction I will remind you. However let’s wait until after the 4th until we start saying I told you so.

No, I didn’t. I don’t even know which 3D video you mean.

British truthers are, on the whole, very soft-headed, but maybe he killed himself for other reasons. Maybe he found out the love of his life was cheating on him, or something. I don’t know.

OK, I am making the prediction that nothing of significance will happen and that all this gubbins is just a distraction from far, far more important things like the managed decline of the globalised economy.

People don’t need to be distracted from the economy. No one understands it.

This isn’t about distraction. It’s about occult secret religions doing what they do.

People don’t need to understand the economy to see it’s going to pot. The Olympics most definitely is a distraction from that, and people going ‘look, the lighting rigs are triangular!’ is going to achieve jack shit.

If this is just about occult religious types doing what they do then the predictions of alien invasions or false flag terrorist attacks are also a distraction.

Basically, you’re making my argument for me by leaping from position to position.

I agree with Gobbo that no one understands the economy, and that people do not need the Olympics as a distraction, because they are already perfectly in the dark and misguided. One does not understand a machinerey except those who make it their profession to shape the thing. It’s the same with every complicated construction - no one really understands a car who hasn’t actually built one, hands on. Banks built economies. Banking is the cause, the sole ground of the system that we call our economy. And economy is a game. The whole thing with politicians looking dead serious and talking about the rise and fall, and the crisis and trying to see what the future holds, this is all laughable if you think about what is going on in the chambers where economies are being created and manipulated. Until people understand that those individuals and groups in the top echelons of our society are there not because they hold responsibility but because they are good at a certain game, that means, until they stop paying attention to politics and more to the ins and outs of banking, and basically learn to see the fun in it - I don’t know how to put it better - they are helpless chickens.

Politicians present the world in terms of right and wrong. This creates such a enormous abyss between their audience and the financial powers, that it effectively creates two worlds. The only possible solution is for people to start judging in terms of smart and stupid. Hold themselves up to the same standards as they hold the banker-players, and more notably, to the same standards to which the banker-players hold themselves.

The thing masses would have to learn about is that no one has ever been working for an interest that wasn’t also his personal one, and that their freedom and rights are direct result of other, often more historically significant peoples self-interest. The democracy in Athens to the Declaration of independence - it was all about securing rights and privileges for those involved. With the rise of the idea of total entitlement, of ''we’re all humans, no one has the right to take what’s mine", man has falled for yet another idea of “heaven” to which he is entitled - this time it’s “freedom from tyrants in the here and now”. He just completely forgot that tyrants have never agreed to such ideas, and that he, in his own life, does not agree to renounce dictatorship over those areas where he can dominate.

It seems that someone found another short moment of clear sky. :sunglasses:

Banks, governments, corporations, and entertainment industries are all mere functionaries of one type of occult (hidden formula worship) or another.

A comment from a reader on the Guardian website:

But no, there’s no distraction going on here because people are dim…


A short moment? Do you think I am usually in the dark about such things? You may be making presumptions about what I think on the basis of which discussions I join. I am not on a crusade.

I am relatively cheerful about what is happening (as compared to outraged and fatalistic), because I was handed the idea to look at it in the context of talent and skill, instead of in terms of morality. I like the idea that gullible people are being fooled by clever people much better than that innocent people are being betrayed by evil people. That is because I rarely ever meet an individual of whom I can suspect that he would not gladly harm people, if he was in a position of authority. I don’t believe in innocence, but certainly in gullibility.

Look at the world in terms of morality, what you think ought to be the case, and it’ll depress you. Because at large, the world will always be immoral (contain may immoral acts). That is because so many different ethics and perspectives are involved.

All successful practices, industries, businesses, are based on what you may call “hidden formula worship” - meaning, respecting what works, and not telling the competition about it. If you call this occultism, “Jack” is an occultist project of the highest order. But this is not what I mean by the word occult, nor what for example Aleister Crowley meant by it. His form of occultism has to do with manipulation of energy using only the mind, and symbolic attributes to strengthen the imaginative grasp of that mind. But that is another topic.



Can you elaborate on these first two?

Anyway, these are not economical issues, and I maintain that no one needs to be distracted from the economy because everyone is already perfectly in the dark, because the discourse departs from idealistic premises.

I was referring to the clarity of thought and wording, not the content.

Mind you this is all not saying that I do not have a moral position, or that I actually like that relatively gullible people (most anyone who is not a very keen psychologist and cynical strategist, in other words, a philosopher) are being played. But I accept it as an initial state of positive being, so to speak, instead of rejecting it as a pit of negative hell. That means: if people improve their grasp on reality, (philosophy, psychology, strategy), they will not be played as easily. The meek will never inherit the Earth. Nor should they, because meek people always “just follow orders” and end up electrocuting prisoners and stuff like that.

I completely agree except for the word “meek”. It was referring to people who are not bluntly inconsiderate and stubbornly egotistical. The sheepish ignorant are also within the category of the “meek”, but they weren’t the issue being addressed. The lesson was that blundering bullies will not be the ones who inherent the Earth, but rather the more careful, thinking strategists who do not confront others head-on, but more gently and diplomatically.

To accept such a meaning of “the meek” (which does make promising the Earth to them more sensible) I’d have to understand how it fits in the context of the Sermon on the Mount. What do you make of the term “poor in spirit”?