Of an unlimited infinite amount of universes

Of an unlimited infinite amount of universes

an infinite amount of universes would contain every possible variety?

If true then; there would be universes with an eternity or heaven like reality to their variety. There would be at least one variety [because there must be all] of such universes, which allows for free travel of any consciousness in the infiniverse.
I can imagine infinite fractal lands and skies which would physically compose [have equal reality too] an infinite or seemingly infinite world. Then we could have one such world [universe with an otherworld] for every period in history, and for every theme. Then of that for every planet with intelligent life, in all universes.

That is, unless there are not an unlimited infinite amount of universes! Then if infinite why not? And lets not add any aleph-omega infinite universe sets eh.

I am beginning to think that the prism or curvature of reality [ + the limitedness of universe, and impossibility of the infinite], shows that existence is non-infinite and non-finite. Again we cannot pin anything down to a specific real!

No. An infinity of universes (even if that made sense) would not represent every possible combination.

YOU cannot, Don’t conflate you with “we”.

So how is it actually possible for some combinations not to be represented in this scenario given that it is infinite
It would suggest that there is a finite limitation to an infinite number of possibilities which is logically impossible

The issue is that “all infinities are not alike”. Infinity can be halved, squared, cubed, or raised to any power … including infinity. Yet each one is still infinite.

Throughout infinite time (a “time line”), even though time would have an infinity^2 of points in time (using the “real number” system), space contains infinity^6 points with values to be switching around. So even if every single point in a time line represented a completely new arrangement of values for all of the points in space, it would take infinity^3 timelines to accomplish all combinations.

More exact details are explained in:
The Absolute Impossibility of Nothingness … Ever

“Heat Death” and the “Big Bang” are merely modern myths.

You could have an infinite number of universes without having one that is made entirely of quartz. And yet infinite other universes than that one could be in the sum. Just as, say, you can have infinite integers without, therefore, including all fractional numbers.

And the best part is: neither you nor nor I, they or we, can ever know a damn thing about it. Not whether it contains universes, not whether they’re all different or absolutely uniform, come or not in bubbles or cascades, inside or outside or overlapping - nothing. We just simply can never know. Isn’t that splendid?

I entirely disagree.
Perhaps YOU cannot know, but I know how to know.

I could have an infinite set with a range limited to 1 thru 2. 1.001, 1.00001, etc.
Physics gives the range constraint, there are an infinite amount of infinetismals, we’ve been over this before (ad infinitum.)

James, now you too have fallen into the hubris.

There cannot be infinity^6 “points”. There are no such thing as points. slaps Didn’t I teach you this already?
Time does not exist. There is no “timeline”. Time is simply the collective motion of objects. Motion has a magnitude. If motion is 0 it does not exist. A point would be a motion of 0 so it does not exist.

The universe is not infinite in the way you describe. Time does not exist, so you cannot say that time is infinite.
What you can say, is whether or not collections of objects will ever stop moving one day. When they did, that day would not occur, so this has to be a permanent condition. Therefore, non-existence would have to be infinite.
The question is not whether existence is infinite, but whether non-existence can be infinite. Your equations are wrong, so it doesn’t help us find whether non-motion will ever be infinite.

The universe can be describe of infinite infinitesmals within a range. 0=no motion 1=maximum motion.
The universe has the option of being 0.0001 0.000000002 and sometimes even 0.33333333333333333, but it can never be 1.5. That is the kind of world we live in.
We make wake up one day with icecream sundaes floating in our living room, but that doesn’t mean theres an infinite amount of range in parallel universe. That’s ridiculous and it’s false, it is false because if it was real it means there is a universe where they killed all other universes, including our own, and including killing the universe that was made to stop them from killing all other universe.

Our universe can be a 0.000001, a cherry sundae, or a 0.00002, a banana split, but it can never be a 1.5.


I agree with this…

what denotes the limits?.. You replied that all the divisions are still infinities and limited e.g. by their numbers, but I don’t see why there would be limits beyond that. I mean; there could be limits to the limited things, but that doesn’t mean there cannot be other infinities not restricted by them.

It doesn’t even mean the limited is imprenatrable by the things which are beyond it. For example, if there were the simplistic infinite set of transparent cubes, that would be a self limiting construct and yet infinite, however, this does not exclude say a light which can penetrate them with an infinity of colour patterns etc. it does mean that the cubes remain intact and are so unaffected by the light [because they contain their cardinality/integrity][causality eh!!!], so now we ad an infinite rock band e.g. discharge, and blast those glass boxes into oblivion! :slight_smile:

point being that there can be things not defined by the limits of other things which are not them. Ergo, there needs not be a limit to infinity itself.


Naw, you just make shit up and say it with conviction, as if you believed it has meaning.

This is certainly true of any two irrational numbers since no matter how small the difference
is there exists an infinity of other irrationals between them. This is because the horizontal
number system is entirely number compatible as well as being infinite in both directions
Unlike in language there are no restrictions upon which numbers can exist side by side