Of Fear and Thought

Of Fear and Thought

To think for some is not what’s best
For this slaps my heart and pierces the breast
To reveal the secrets within this chest
I will ride the snake out of the west…

I prefer to sit by the lilac tree
And drink its sweet ambrosia tea
It allows for all my thoughts to be
And lets me see what I want to see…

What I fear the most, is loss of thought
Sleep burdens me, and heals me not
To focus? Never! I’ve always fought
For within the unconscious I would be caught…

I still walk the forests with the night
Battle these demons and all their tripe
To keep my mind within the light
I shall remain free, with purest sight…

So where’s your lilac tree I ask?
Is it too far gone or within your grasp?
Heed my omen, forsake this fast
For your snakes lie dormant beneath the flask…

great poem and the rhyme works too

lhw – AKA: The Straight-faced Clown AKA: M.C. Tape-Hiss

Its really unfair, it should be orated…