one of gobbos posts inspired me, as i am curious to see from where you all are typing. i will post my own as soon as i can find time to download! :smiley:

Ah, the famous gob-bong.

Here’s my new home setup. I’ve just moved this stuff over so that’s my excuse as for why it’s so messy. Notice the girlfriend’s hairbrush and my collecting of drinking glasses.

soo…that is where the magic happens! :wink:

My bedroom is currently too much of a pit to show anyone. :blush: But this is really my main my room, anyway:

Too many options on how to take that one… :stuck_out_tongue:

Phaedrus, is that a huge, huge screen or have you blotted something you don’t want us to see, out?!

that’s a huge huge screen

Someone’s been making the philosophy pay…!

what do you watch on that screen?

and, i finally uploaded this:

my rather unkempt workspace- i swear this is the only corner of my room that is, well, messy. the rest is nice and airy/roomy/beautiful. notice my monitor open to ILP :smiley:

Um, no- nothing to hide… :unamused: :laughing: It’s a 100" Da-Lite screen. The same Da-Lite that makes 85% of the movie theater screens. It’s “fed” by a DLP front projector. I watch a (very) little bit of TV on it, but mostly it’s for movies. I’ve masked the front of the room with black fabric for light control which makes it hard to see the speakers, but they’re Monitor Audio 8i’s/12i Center and a pair of Hsu Research TN-1220 subwoofers. The rears (not shown) are MA FX/i’s.

That pic is my Sanctum Sanctorum. :slight_smile:

I refuse to show a pic of my workspace - it might incriminate me…

Cool room, trees, but what the hell are those green twirly deelies?

Phaedrus just launched into an alien language, any translations? Sounds cool though… :slight_smile:

embracetrees - love the little idol thingies.

SIATD, we want to see that someone is at the desk

Here’s a pic of my work space. The photo’s pretty old but apart from having more/better technology (including 3 new monitors - you can never have too many), it’s basically the same.



Mmm, dual monitors…mmmm triple monitors…

what can you do with multiple monitors?

All sorts of fun things… You can play a game on one while browsing the internet on another…

One for watching Neighbours/Dr Phil/ILP (only partially joking) and two for work. Once you get used to checking out things at a glance – without minimising/moving windows all day – I’d find it hard to go back to a single monitor again.

Watch the stock market.

Edit movies.

Operate spreadsheets.

You know…