Official: Post a Picture of Yourself

Do not post a picture of yourself!

What? You do not like them?

Hello ladies…

Are you Eminem’s illegitimate son?



The real joker has a jew nose and looks like all of my exes.

I’ve never called ugly girl ugly.
I said “Now I know why you call yourself ugly girl”, which was meant ironically as I think she is very pretty.
Sadly she’s not really taken the bait, so I’d not managed to deliver my compliment,
And now it’s been weeks.

You’ve lost your chance stud and now I’m hitting on her. Take a graceful exit chap.

I am fairly sure she is an underage runaway teen. We may never hear from her again.

That’s lev logic right there.

Runaway teenage girl? Even better. :laughing: :evilfun:

lol! I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw the first picture. The facial structure and hair is the exact same of a 20 year old Em, although the revealing of his other features will probably drastically change the perception.

She’s just shy.

I think you should PM her… profusely.

For Joker, my love.