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I’m incapable of learning anything from people like yourself that absolutely believes in nothing.

Who just happens to lean, as an Evil Neo-Nazi Extraordinaire, in the general direction of postmodern fascism.

Please, Joker, say it ain’t [b]really[/b] so!!!

If nothing else, you’ll win my respect. :wink:

[size=50][but we’ll keep that a secret][/size]

I admire efficiency that preserves the well being of a nation state and cracks down on systematic corruption, so yes, I like fascism for that reason.

As a nihilist you should have no objections. :sunglasses:

What nation state or ethnos, do you identify with?
Keep in mind all are evil nazis except American Zionism. The Judeo-Puritan symbiont.
Only that socialism and nationalism is permitted and is good. All others are fascist.

There is nobody that wants to see the current Zionist Americanism destroyed more than me.

My ideal is a white European ethnostate within North America.

“Within North America”?!!!
I assume you mean within the US’s current form, or under its dominion, as it has been since the Second War.
Ummm, no dude. US is no ethno-state. It is the very idea of a non-ethno, culture-of-no-culture, state, worshiping the abstraction of freedom/liberty, which, coincidentally, most of tis members can neither define nor believe in.

America is the civilization of Judeo-Christianity, just as Rome was the civilization birthed by Pagan-Hellenism. Currently it has been zombified and is a symbiont of Puritan/Judaism.
It will not survive for long. Like all empires it will decline and fragment.
Afghanistan, as the English knew, was where Empires went to die.
Russians went there before the Soviet collapse; the US is presently there and pulling out.

The Europeans of the US are like its Africans. With no connection to their heritage; mongrels with a minimal sense of identity, seeking a substitute in pop-culture, and it is increasingly becoming like Brazil, a meting pot of genetic dilution, producing nothing but dance and party music - tribal, libidinal energies raised as the pinnacle of human creativity.
See cRap.
The Europe that was the US is quickly vanishing, and with it the entire ex- British Empire.
See Australia, Canada, South Africa…
Only India survives relatively intact because of its Indo-European cast system, and its Bollywood immunity to (((Hollywood))) infestation.

Right, like this observation in and of itself is not an existential contraption rooted in dasein.

Also, efficiency in the service of what ends? The well being of whom in what set of circumstances? Their corruption or ours?

As a nihilist, I recognize that my own objections are predicated more on the political prejudices that “I” have come to embody existentially given the trajectory of my own life. That, in a No God world, there does not appear to be a moral foundation into which one can embed the “real me” in sync with the “right thing to do”.

I merely suggest in turn that this is applicable to objectivists too. And it is the implications of that – the fractured, fragmented self, the “hole” – that they try to avoid at all cost.

Only I have no capacity myself to demonstrate that this is the case. I am not even able to know for certain that I am typing these words of my own volition. Let alone that the answer to this allows me to grasp the human condition going all the way back to an understanding of existence itself.

And, really, come on, how shallow and delusional can the thinking be of those who actually insist that, in regard to fascism or to anything else, their own assessment nails it.

Yet further proof that he’s “just here for the laughs.”

I prefer America with its Diversity. If people can’t accept that, then they’re in the wrong country and should just get out tbh.

It’s cool if European cultures stay European and are able to preserve their values and traditions.

It is also cool if people want to move out of their countries and go somewhere, and still preserve some of their traditions. That makes everyone richer, more worldly and and broadens horizons.

What’s not cool is when people move from somewhere else into your country and try to impose their uses and traditions on the native population, or isolate themselves into pockets and keep other people out.

“Melting pot” countries are by their own spirit and tradition a place of conversion. Their very value is to take everyone in and use all of those things as an ingredient for a new thing.

If people want to be hardcore about their traditions, they can go fucking do that in the place where they come from.

I am speaking as a brazilian/american dual citizen.

Here we share.

It’s going to happen and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. The United States is going to racially, culturally, and socially breakdown where there is going to be a civil war as a result. The nation will split into six or seven different independent territories as a result.

As a white guy living in urban majority black and Mexican areas I can tell you that your multiracial social utopia is bullshit or a crock of shit. I know first hand in experience what it is like being a white minority and it isn’t pleasant at all.

Such a simplistic reply from a simplistic mind that doesn’t understand the complexity of the issue at hand.

Most of them are of mixed blood, dude.
This is why they are so passionate about diversity.

The idea of potentials being diluted is not a fact they want to consider seriously.
For them diversity si about options, like restaurant cuisines…many tasted to sample from.

I have lived in black and Mexican urban ghettos as a white man, I’ve witnessed and experienced its poisonous fruits myself. Most of these white neo-liberals or multiracial social utopians have no idea what they’re asking for from the comfortable confines of their gated communities. They’re all fools, imbeciles, and idiots.

I’m telling you again….white is misleading.
Is A Sri Lankan a Negro, because his skin is dark?

Most of these opposition is based on the fact that these individuals are of mixed blood - most don’t even know how many races and ethnicity participate in their becoming. They consider the idea of pure blood an affront on their very existence.
This shapes their disposition towards matters of race and ethnicity.
Nothing you will ever say - nor I - will overcome their survival mechanism.

Fuck yeah.
The new world is a place by the mutts, for the mutts. If you don’t like it, get the fuck out.

You can go ahead and preserve the purity in your culture. Go back to where you came from.

You don’t speak for me.

Soon… :sunglasses:

Ancestry Composition

        Southern European
            Spanish & Portuguese
            Broadly Southern European
        Northwestern European
            French & German
            Broadly Northwestern European
        Ashkenazi Jewish
        Broadly European
    Sub-Saharan African
        Congolese & Southern East African
            Angolan & Congolese
            Southern East African
            Broadly Congolese & Southern East African
        West African
            Ghanaian, Liberian & Sierra Leonean
            Broadly West African
        Broadly Sub-Saharan African
    Western Asian & North African
        North African
        Arab, Egyptian & Levantine
            Broadly Arab, Egyptian & Levantine
        Broadly Western Asian & North African
    East Asian & Native American
        Native American
        Broadly East Asian & Native American
    Central & South Asian
        Southern South Asian
            Broadly Southern South Asian
        Broadly Central & South Asian

No. What I consider an affront is a foreigner coming to my fucking country to tell me what’s good and what’s bad.
Go be pure in your own country. We will not miss you. We’ve got a thousand super chill 100% European bro’s for every racist retard. Go home.

Only because everything you say is bullshit. Try making a point maybe.

These fools have no concept that all western nations are being flooded with foreign immigrants or that white Europeans deserve their own racially sovereign independent autonomous regions.

Multiracialism basically equals chasing down and subjugating the last white man or woman on earth.

Well the pendulum is about to swing the other direction very hard where we white European peoples are saying enough is enough. We’re reaching a point collectively where we’re putting our foot down in saying we will not have our collective identities assaulted any longer by others.

Do individuals have the power to allow this? no, do Governments! yes.

What form will this take? through what channels can you see this being made to happen?