Official: Post a Picture of Yourself

I don’t have instagram though, so there’s these other sites or whatever that show you instagram content. Google ‘elbdms’ and you’ll see like three of em.

An update of me.

My stoic face. Lmao

I realise I brought up a lot of slime and vulgarity here and it’s Christmas so I will post a picture of me smiling at everybody and I want to wish all who deserve it merry Christmas and best of new years !!! Especially only polite person I met on an internet forum in years Dan my man Pedro and my future wife phone!!! Again!!! Take it easy and sorry for my antics !!!

+++ if Anfang from KTS reads it!!!My best to you to you autistic bitch!!!you are the only person on KTS that keeps a stiff upper lip and has good manners and isn’t a completely deranged fuck-wit!!!all the bestt to you too!!!

You’re a handsome fella, Art.

Couple of myself:

[tab]Losing teeth.
[tab]Losing hair.

Here is a picture of my namesake.

He said: “That’s a very old picture”.

Here is his “Ottifant”:


A friend finally sent me the pictures he made at the Grand Prix in 2018.
I look like Im having more fun than I was having At least I got this out of it!


Like everyone, my features change ever so slightly as I change, the subtleties are noticed by the subconscious mind…

You need to smile more ecmandu smile and don’t sit in the dark for too long bro

Not for a picture … only in person

you are very pretty, Destiny

you are VERY pretty too!!! :blush: :blush: :blush:

You guys are amazing. :gay-rainbow: :romance-kisscheek: :animals-fishgreen:

Ecmandu, it is good that you dont smile. Most of the time when a man smiles for an occasion instead of from himself, it gives me the creepy shivers.

Heaven is missing an Angel

hair is red now

not bad :blush: :blush: :blush:
do you have the +18 version???

yes that is the 38 year old version

if not for that red hair id be second guessing myself right now :blush: :blush: :blush: