what, crack?

bro i cooked some crack up one time when i was in my twenties that was so righteous it was orange. cooked it in a test tube, and when i hit that shit bro i thought i was gonna die. went straight to the mother ship. do not pass go. do not collect two hundred dollars. instantaneous quantum detanglement. all logics became fuzzy. things in my field of vision weren’t what they weren’t were. for about 43 seconds i went total retard. i’ll never forget it.

I know dude was watching dude from the black helikkkopters

And ya know, it’s not that coke makes you paranoid. What it does is hyperactivate the centers in the brain that make you super cognizant of your surroundings. The only reason you become paranoid is because it’s highly illegal, so your brain’s awarness of doing something illegal is increased threefold. If the shit wasn’t illegal, a fellow might be able to chill on it.

The dopamine receptors within your brain are not aware of the legal status of any chemical activating them
Neurotransmitters would therefore be activated by what ever triggers them and regardless of anything else
And if cocaine were legal it would have precisely the same electrochemical effect on the brain it does now
The sense of paranoia it induces would therefore be exactly the same

Then how come this one time when I smoked crack up in a tree, I wasn’t at all paranoid?

See the POleece would never think to look in a tree, and I knew that, which is why I felt safe… and not the least bit paranoid.

I this case Promethean is absolutely right. Much of the scientific revolution early 20th century happened on cocaine.
Obviously fear of being caught is an electrochemical state in the brain, so everything else entering the brain is affected by that in some way. Since cocaine heightens mental intensity (which is why I don’t need it) paranoid fear is also amplified.
The idea that fear or any neurological state doesn’t influence whatever else enters the neurology is not grounded in neurobiology.

Hyperawareness once controlled is perfect.
You can almost read minds just by a glance overcoming it, the fear of unmask from the social gestures.


You can have the vampiric equivalence, that you don’t have to undress them, the orgasmic equivalence of pure oneness with the soul that is one with perfection almost.

Practice makes perfect, and the rest becomes morning electra currents through indelible and bounded they fear not.

The loneliness that can be utilized for the occasion in that moment, as that very second encapsulates at once: birth and death, love and lust,
getting both present and past.
( becoming crystal clear, all)

Just while , got to run, on, they all cosmically aware now, beyond all the promising horizons ever, where young once now,
they know who they really are.
Inside all terrains sliding by,
While nails click, latest polish,
her perfect nails, seamless, dress of sheer silk, slow , attunement changing circumstance, a night in a hotel, jeans oh jeans,
Whattsa matter boy,
Late again, don’t bother her she is shy,
Not dangerous, wants to feel you that’s her proof you ever love her , now ,
or forever.

Beside the point,
Never ever know of real cold,

getting ready for work cheerios or breakfast of champions, and love her, and the kid, he is so self assured buys him too much toys though,
plath looking through mirror one way she doesent see looking at her through shades, wouldn’t care if she did.

The kodnia putting on brave front, so little, sprite, heart flurter little legs brave fathers’ son, son’s son all to gather.

Must do . Look closer might see under that fixed smile so socially adapted and she is an average person how does she maintain it?

Look man, he was beat up by two marines but he played possum they though he dead, but they left scared one of them sayin I think we killed him better get the fuck out ofnhere and he almost not breathing holding breath incredibly long for the life of him,
playing possum, it worked.

And they left. Waited maybe ten minutes half l an hour afraid they may return as killers most often do.

And then she came around and married him and they lived happily ever after.

Pssst. Said to her as she finished applying the second coat of scarlet to her perfect patent nails, they clicked and shine on the luminescent patence of the lonely antique, the gold veneer glimmer frozen in. night , don’t say. You don’t say with a smirk, and maybe tonight back to the claptrap of your very sickly mind.

Good night, try : sleep without all them nasty tasting pulling the warm covered dolls of the valley.

Good night momma.
Good night sweet child.

And then they never saw each other again.
She vanished into the breeze at dawn.

She must’ve been a faint afterglow of her, reappearing and never again.

See, too much , now just close your eyes. Momma watches.

Oh, cooking. What?
Delicious exposes exist facto, ergo sum nominee, she breathes, moderates , echo, Mon due or fondue, dripping swiss, get back what is under it? Swiss on rye?
They play, isince he beat em at chess, even if he didn’t win they ,thinking he cheated, but he really did not. No way . the only thing is he didn’t set the board up, orientatinv the right sqarw at the right place, he did win at boxing, though, And the nighttime walk in the glimmer if broken glass on the darkest asphalt imaginable still standing.
So not at all perturbed by the play of two personalities under one guise.
That is all drugs honey, only drugs doin to ya, mind chNgin’ and tonic for youth, that’s all. U gotta keep somethin’ up even if the son also rises.

To be coicted asap