Old apple juice, fermented apple bottoms.

Will I die?

  • Yes
  • No
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Well I left the apple juice out for a few nights because I was just too damn lazy to put it back in the fridge.

Thing is, it had some foam, and it tasted fermented, like beer or wine.

Question is, will I die or no.

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No. It may taste awkward. Nothing else.

With love,

Everyone dies.

How can you be so sure? Have you ever died?

The same way you can be as sure as you are about the things you’re surest of. Duh.

You will not die, but you might reach nirvana, as in you might empty yourself.

Call it what you want but we’re all going to be dead corpses at some point.

Are you dead yet? How can we know?

As good as we can know anything I suppose. We have more instances of people dying that we can observe than we have of people alive, and we see people die all the time and so far no one’s made it past a certain point. So I mean, there’s some philosophical problems there with trying to predict the future, but I’d bet pretty much anything I got that everyone’s going to die. Imagine we’re standing there and we see a guy 110 years old. Would you bet me that he’s not going to die in the next 10 years before turning 120?

Don’t tell me you drank it in order to see if you’d get drunk.

The concept of nirvana is untenable. Empty containers are naturally filled due to the law of filling of least pressure/resistance.


Good. Then you might live. :wink: