Old Hippie Strikes Again


I never saw a tie that had a practical use;
And I never knew why a man would want to wear a noose.

There are as many good reasons for wearing ties
As there are for cultivating mosquitos and flies.

They cover up my buttons is a use that’s named;
But I have no buttons of which I’m ashamed.

They are a social tradition. In-folks swear it.
So is syphilis, but I don’t need to wear it.

They are manly attire, say folks straight and narrow;
My manhood doesn’t need pointed out by an arrow.

So while I am living and after I die
Don’t strangle my freedom with a goddamed tie.

Not far from here there was a restaurant in which waiters snipped ties and nailed them to the walls. Patrons went there just to get their ties trophied!

Ierrellus, this is a neat little poem. I heard about a restaurant that cut ties but I don’t know if it is the one near you. I am quite sure you are writing a poem about ties but with each reference I thought of all the religious/philosophical restrictions we wear that I would like to snip and nail to a wall.

Thanks for such good insight. I had thought most would consider the poem just an in-your-face attack on social acceptance. So I’m very appreciative that you can see beyond that. I cannot hear the hymn “Blessed Be the Tie That Binds” without thinking that the favorite saying of Wiccans is “Blessed Be” and that the tie that binds can also strangle!