Olympic Games

I thought such a display of talent and dedication deserved some kind of acknowledgement. The world’s best have gathered. Worth a mention.
Anything catches your eye, please, feel free to share.

K: usually, I am glued to the TV for them, but because of my work schedule,
I am unable to watch any of it…I haven’t seen one minute of it actually…

ok, I will go watch one minute of something to at least say, I am watching
the “worlds’ best”… thanks for reminding us Derely…


I turn on the TV… I go to the BBC… I watch whatever sport/s happens to be on.

Olympics 2020… the Olympics of memes and feelings? :open_mouth:

I have just watched a number of women swim 10,000 metres, in horribly murky water. The winning time was 1 hour 59 minutes and 30 seconds. Two hours - nonstop! Water temperature was 30 degrees. Air temperature was also 30 degrees. :astonished:

I once swam an entire length of my local swimming pool - without resting. I don’t offer this information as a boast. It is merely to demonstrate that I am one of the very few who can fully appreciate the effort involved.

Congratulations to all. Phenomenal achievement. Olympics.

The GB women’s field hockey team have been soundly beaten by the Netherlands, 5-1, in the semi-final. They might still get the bronze, though.

Men’s 10k winner: 1 hour 48 minutes and 33 seconds.

Only three days left… and then the white supremacists can come out from behind the sofa!

And they did, indeed, get the bronze, beating India 4-3.

Maia, you need to be pretty damned brave to play hockey! I was sitting in a hospital waiting room some years ago - a woman came in, blood-spattered, with the side of her face caved in! Hockey injury. I’ve no doubt that shins must take quite a bashing during the course of a game - particularly at corners!

Well done, GB - they were extremely pleased. Athletes, and various competitors often look disappointed with silver or bronze. In time, they surely must realise that 2nd/3rd best on the planet is an extraordinary achievement!

I don’t care about unknown people (that’s what famous people are) and their talents and achievements. Playing sports is fun. Watching other people do so – not so much. So when I do, and I want to get the most pleasure out of it, I have to imagine myself participating.

I believe it has much to do with levels of consciousness. Many people care passionately about “unknown people”.

Sport, as you say, is fun. It can be every bit as enjoyable as an observer. Regarding “participation,” I would suggest that it has much to do with one’s own past experiences. Some folk have the capacity to watch a competitor and feel/identify with precisely what that person is going through, be it joy, pain, disappointment… :smiley: and even happiness!

Yes, legs, arms, hands, faces, anything exposed was in for a good battering. I loved hockey at school, definitely my favourite game!

A very well-aired edition of the Olympics… well-edited offshoot shows too.

I think I’ve caught a bit of everything… will definitely be tuning in, to the rest.

Yes Maia, hockey is pretty lethal… I preferred ice-hockey.

We didn’t have the chance to play ice hockey, sadly. Would have been interesting to give it a go.

That’s the end of that… Thanks to all who participated in the thread - and the games!

See you again in four years. :-k


“and the games” :-k

Sorry, MagsJ, I fully expected someone who hadn’t participated to pull me up! :slight_smile:

Three… it’s three, not four, years… UEFA Euro 2020, Olympics 2020, [insert sporting event name, here] 2020. :laughing:

I guess the Sporting industry didn’t want to ruin the pattern of interval, of all previous event dates… a systemic formality of administerial consequence.

Maia said: “We didn’t have the chance to play ice hockey, sadly. Would have been interesting to give it a go”.

It was just as lethal as field hockey, but at least you get to wear shin pads to protect your shins, lol.

The getting to skate around part made it more fun, especially for the more adept skaters who could weave in and out amongst the opposition players, and so out-manoeuvre them all the way to the goal net.

Skating is indeed good fun. What sort of kit do you have to wear for ice hockey?