On Being a Slacker . . .

Where’s the fault or shame in doing nothing? Particularly if one ENJOYS doing nothing? What’s so great or important about will and ambition? About the perpetual, anxious, grasping need to make one’s mark upon the world, to create some kind of legacy for oneself? Seems like so much vanity and egoism. Live until you die, why complicate that with the pursuit of “accomplishments”? Do you just like collecting trophies? Building monuments to yourself? Securing a “place in history” (as if we all didn’t already have one by virtue of the fact that we exist)?

It’s all seems like so much distraction. Stuff and nonsense. Pomp and circumstance. Humans flattering themselves. People who are not important yet suffer from some immense feeling of self-importance, and so engage the endless, flailing (and ultimately futile) struggle to avoid oblivion and obscurity . . .

Perhaps there are better ways to pass the time . . .

There is no fault in doing nothing. I would do much more of it if i could. Then again, I’m not sure there is anything wrong with making a mark, per se. I think the difference is mostly of temperament. I try to enjoy my life while i can, as i can. It would help if i had a lot of money, but I think the trade-off has been pretty good so far.

Just my thoughts.

upf-----i am one of your people…why do you use the term slacker…

As long as you’re pursuing your curiosity, it doesn’t make any difference if you’re working like a fiend or sitting on your ass. The test is answering the question: Are you running to, or from life? A workaholic can be a slacker…

Excellent point, Tentative.

“are you running to, or away from life”
that may be screwed up also…

how about the bum on the bench saying "i dont mind reality, i just dont want to live in it…maybe the
bum has seen the ugly side of life…like vietnam…

Of course, Turtle.


Youre right of course, there’s really nothing wrong with making a mark, it’s just that so many treat it as though it is a failure not to . . .

and thank you for them, Herr Faust - here’s to retirement someday - so that you may truly do more of nothing . . .

i always imagined you to be a kindred spirit, Turtle.

i use the term because i think it’s time to remove the stigma . . .

what’s life, that we can run away from or to it? what if your curiosity involves sitting on a pillow playing videogames all day in your parents’ basement? is that a waste of life, or a pathway to zen?

Just perspective and motive. If your hiding from yourself because your girlfriend laughed and pointed, you’re the negative connotation of slacker. If you’re preparing for the up-coming video game championships, maybe that’s different.

My comments are based on the assumption that we are here to make THIS life as meaningful as we can. Only the individual knows if they are "slacking’. Fuck what other people think. :wink:

Certainly, right off the bat, whatever problems those who do nothing create are wildly outdone by the problems created by those who do do things. So in any priority list of people to improve stop divert control etc., the people who do nothing should be way down near the bottom. In fact if they ever become a problem that can be dealt with, because all the problematics doers are now taken care of, we can all smile because we then live in something very close to a utopia.

There is nothing wrong with slack, per se.

Some things should be slack.

Sometimes, people have to do what they have to do, whether that’s nothing or ‘fighting city hall.’ But I don’t think the ‘fighting city hall’ people are necessarily out to ‘make a mark’ for themselves–unless they’re politicians. Most of the time, the non-politicians who get ‘involved’ are quickly forgotten, whether they ‘win’ or they ‘lose.’ If they’re remembered by anyone outside their families, it’ll be because they were ‘nice’ people who rumbled and bumbled their way down the road and caused no damage to anyone.

You can do the same by doing nothing. I’d rather ‘fight city hall’ in my rather awkward way. Of course, it’s nice to win the fight when you can–and that is possible. But, if you feel your time is better spent being a slacker–playing video games or posting on a web site (even FaceBook–shudder)–who knows? You may actually be making more of a mark for yourselves than those of us who now and again fight.

Some of us have never managed to walk past a bucket without reaching down and giving that stick a little twirl… :wink:

Okay, tentative, I would like you to slowly move your hand away from the bucket. Slowly.
Now, walk away from the bucket. Slowly. We don’t need any heroes today.

Whew, close call. Okay, people, nothing to see here. Lizbeth, you can get back to worrying about your pets.

OK. moving back from the bucket… Hmmm… Still have stick in hand… Hold still, Sandy. This will only hurt for a few seconds. :evilfun:

Depends on what these aspirations are that you’re referring to, if your favourite artist, musician, athlete, whatever, was a slacker, then that would be tragic, no?

Tent, TENT, TENT, put that stick down, right now! You could poke your eye out running with that thing!

Sandy, I be more able to worry about my pets, if I didn’t have the two of you to worry about.