On masculinity and dealing with modern manipulative women.

Making this thread as a place to discuss what it is to be a man in interaction to women along with being a guide as to put up with modern narcissistic self centered women that comprise ninety five percent of the female population.

For now enjoy some nice videos while I currently think of some talking points to interject in this thread by yours truly that basically discusses the same subject that I have in mind here.

I give you the manhood academy. Funny and comedic that discusses the modern conflict of the sexes pretty well.

Their website: manhood101.com/

Their notorious “E” book for men can be found here: manhood101.com/principles101.pdf


The best approach is to make sure you get your way in all matters, - and if they disagree or complain about that in any way, shape or form, - tell them to “piss off” . :dance:

Also don’t do or provide anything for them that you may at a later date end up having regretted doing. :mrgreen: :-k

Ty, why don’t you make one thread on women where you can dump all your emotional baggage whenever you feel like doing so? Why are you spewing out thread after thread after thread on the same theme. It’s almost like spam.


Ty, you don’t like women because you want them but can’t get them and therefore it has to be their fault rather than your own in order to save your ego. Can we move on now?

Yes, I call this the kicking to the curb response. It works very well. It is very effective.

“Bitch, if you don’t like this you can always go leave and I’ll find another bitch to replace you with.”

I’m not going to make anymore threads on the subject if it makes you feel any better Mr. sensitive.

I think I have three or four threads all on differing issues of the sexes subject wise in material. If you look at all of them each one addresses a particular issue of the sexes.

Move on? We haven’t even warmed up yet on the topic.

Videos explaining what a mangina is.

Video one.


Video two.


Definitions of a mangina:

  1. when a guy pulls his dick and balls back between his legs (forming a basket of fruit behind him) and then putting his legs together to simulate the look of a vagina
    That’s one hairy mangina.

    1. A man totally controlled by a woman
  2. A weak willed man

  3. The partner that takes it in the anus in a male homosexual relationship

  4. A male prostitute, gay or straight

  5. That mangina would never disobey his wife.

  6. That magina just will not stand up for himself.

  7. Jim’s mangina, John, wants to get married.

  8. Joe is a mangina, he has to turn tricks to keep his place.


A video explaining how to go on a date with today’s prostitute privileged female class.


Joe Rogan shows how to take down a uppity feminist bitch in a public setting.


Joe Rogan character assassinates another uppity woman.


Bill Burr - There’s no reason to ever hit a woman?

youtube.com/watch?v=AlvvCYUD … gCcqFHu7HO

Bill Burr - Female “work” versus the work of men

youtube.com/watch?v=gsghfxYq … x0AJoMce_s

Bill Burr - Women are assholes


Bill Burr - On the epidemic of gold digging whores




Ah, yes, because any views expressed that doesn’t go along with the lines of the status quo must be trolling or spam.

No, it’s because 8 consecutive posts of links and repeating the same message as in your own OP (mostly without discursive prompt from others) is spam.

I don’t give a fuck about how daring and contraversial you think you’re being, the same would apply to anyone exhibiting your posting behaviour whether on this subject or any other.

Yes, there are hypocritical double standards in the whole gender inequality thing. That’s your point in half a line of writing and it’s all you needed.
Yes, you’re simply just bad with women, which is why you need to condone the defaming of women as much as possible in order to preserve your ego.

They think you’re creepy because you’re too desperate around them (and judging of them, and probably self-conscious too), which you try to hold back, making you appear untrustworthy and false in your pretense of nice politeness. Your frustration and consequent demonisation of them just adds to your lack of faith in them, which gives them a lack of faith in you - you’re digging your own grave.
The less comfortable and at ease you are, the less they are, and the less open you are about your intentions, the less they are. Not to say you should flat out admit all your depraved intentions, but it’s a lot more attractive to women to openly flatter them with what you actually like about them - as long as you come across as sexually satisfied and thus fearless that you might put them off. Because genuinely sexually satisfied guys aren’t worried about rejection, which helps them not be rejected. It’s self-perpetuating. You, however, are in a vicious cycle going in the opposite direction and apparently you’re not coping too well with it.
I’m trying to give you advice because it’s not the content of your arguments (which are quite obviously based on something substantial even without spamming for emphasis) but your presentation of yourself that’s really unsightly. I don’t like having to put up with seeing the unsightly.

Such women are not born selfish and narcissistic. They usually become like that from experiences. Have you tried to look at it from a woman’s perspective?
What about a cheating husband of a loyal, faithful wife and a mother of his children? What does a woman get for being innocent, loyal and proper?

Ty, please restrict your postings on this (and all related subject matter) to the current 6 threads you have in this forum, or they will be removed from public view.

Haven’t we been here before, under your previous incarnation…

While lately I have been discussing the sexes a lot each created thread goes about addressing the subject from different angles. I’ll explain how below.

If you can’t understand that it isn’t my fault. Don’t accuse me of nonsense or spamming!

It’s my time to be Mr. grammatical teacher man. It’s spelled controversial and behavior. Download a grammar computer program like the one I have.

Again, I’m addressing the subject of the sexes from different angles and thus that which can be defined as different subjects.

People here are just upset because I a conversing about things that they don’t like.

Ah, yes, if you criticize women you must be bad with women! You must be a bad man! The whole timeless argument that women can do no malice or anything bad in the worshiping of their existential innocence bullshit.

What the fuck ever. A bunch of contrived bullshit from a mangina point of view.

Typical mangina speak.

Satisfied men have all the money which is another psychological gimmick as to why women are attracted to men with lots of wealth. I’ll explain this later in the thread.

Nobody forces you to read my threads. If you don’t like them gtfo.

I’m not going to be censored by others just because they don’t like my opinions. I’m going to speak my damn mind as I please.

Well, if it isn’t our favorite resident ILP stasi showing up here. To what pleasure do we owe for your presence here?

Now you’re going to tell me what I can and can’t write about where I need special permission each time in the creation of threads?

I was going to write two more threads on the subject of women, but from different angles.

One was going to be entitled. “How men are more intelligent and creative than women.”

The other one was going to be entitled. “Where are all the anarchist women?”

I was going to put them in the society section of the forum.

What, are you going to tell me I can’t have my own independent reconnaissance to create threads now?

Excuses, excuses, excuses…