On the Nature of Gods : A scientific inquiry

I have a theory that there may be some beings worshiped as gods with a powerful magick like ability called planar-kinesis. A mind capable of bending and breaking the limits of time, space, matter, and energy through it’self. (More like a hypothesis since it’s untestable.) Perhaps these creatures had this psychic power and were therefore confused with gods?

As with any hypothesis, you have to present evidence.

Eh. That’s the hard part with this kind of thing. I imagine it has something to do with the sub-quantum activity caused by brain waves.

Does anyone have any ideas?

nope :stuck_out_tongue:

the idea with magic is that there’s no explanation, see
so your question is a bit self-contradictory

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No you don’t have to present evidence. According to the latest scientific theories we can only see, or even detect, 4% of the universe. Put another way, there is 25 times as much in the universe as we can see. The 4% that we can see is complicated enough, heaven ( if that is the right word!) knows what is going on in the rest.

The GOD, the ZERO and the MATERIAL WORLD .

The God could begin to create the Universe only in an absolute
reference system and only under physical and mathematical laws.
Now is consider, that an absolute reference system is
the cosmic microwave background radiation Т = 2,7К.
But this relic radiation is extending and decreasing.
Therefore in the future it will come to Т = 0К.
From Т=0К the physics begins.
From Т=0К the religion begins.
From Т=0К the philosophy begins.
From Т=0К the psychology begins.
From Т=0К the Genesis begins.
From Т=0К the formation of stars begins.
From Т=0К the God creates all.
How the God has made it?
The quantum physics approves, that in the beginning God has created
" virtual particles ".
Astrophysics approves, that in the beginning God has created " latent mass ",
"invisible particles ".
From them the God has created all.
But nobody knows, that such " virtual particles ",
that such " latent mass ", " invisible particles ".
About it and about the creation of Existence
it is telling in the book and on a site:
Best wishes.