on vacation

I was on vacation this week, (still am on vacation until tues) and went to Portland with the wife.
I was last in Portland 25 years ago with a friend. This trip I was looking forward to going into Powell’s
book store. The last time I was there, the place was dark and dingy with lots of rooms going here and there.
This trip, I found Powell’s was brightly lit up and cheerful and crowded as hell. I spent 150 bucks on used books. Portland has changed a lot since I was there last. A whole lot of beer drinking going on and
everyone had tattoo’s, even the little old ladies. We ate very well, I think I gained 20 pounds, and
of course drank beer, (my wife doesn’t drink alcohol, so I have to drink for two) All in all, it was a good trip.
While I was there, I had a thought as to my next book. I shall start writing in a day or so.


Enjoy Your vacation Kropotkin, I am going up there also the first week of June with my son and his family. I didn’t know You had a first book, would You give a title and where it can be found? I am planning to write one too, but it’s undetermined as to its form and content as of yet. It would be great if You also, could write something of Yourself, all I know is that You work in a supermarket. Take care and the now it up there.

Thank you for your kind thoughts. First of all, my book is called “the Cost of Paradise” and
you can find it on a site called Smashwords. My thought for a second book is based on Socrates
and his endless questions. I just started writing this morning. I found based on my first book, the
long and endless part of writing is in the rewrites. One is rewriting and rewriting several times over years.
My first book is 88,000 words. I began with about 120,000 words and after each rewrite, I lost whole sections.

As for vacation, I like Portland. I was with my wife and that really changes how I go about each city.
by myself, I would have done it quite a bit different. Powell books is a city block big and 3 stories high.
I spent parts of several days there. Really good food around there too. Anyway, have a good time on your
vacation there. It is possible to walk around downtown Portland fairly easily. You can get to everything downtown
within an hour of walking. My only reason for a car was for all the books I bought at Powell’s.


nice vacation :smiley: