One Palestine, Complete by Tom Segev

I just purchased this book along with Segevs’ 1949: The First Israelis to read on my planet ride this sunday accross the Pacific. Since I haven’t read the book yet, I’m obviously not going to discuss it. But I’ve noticed that the book covers the period of time before Israel was established.

Here is what I’m wondering. Is this book going to shed some light inside my dark mind on the exact situation of the Zionist movement today,and about all the problems in the middle east at this moment? Put it this way. I want to know everything there is to be known about the Israeli - Palestinian conflict and that of the middle east in general. Especially in reference to the hatered on the U.S. that led up to the 9-11 attacks.

Being that a good start for this appears to be One Palestine, Complete I’m not so sure where to go from there once I’m done.

Hey Smooth,

I’m really glad you’ve bought the book and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. It can be tough at times but persevere with it. The book deals with a specific period in history, namely the British Mandate of Palestine from 1917 (end of WWI) to 1948 (declaration of Independence). It doesn’t deal with the current conflict directly, but it does deal with some issues that have affected what is going on today. It is very much a historical text but the best thing about it is that every bit of information is referenced in an extensive reference section at the back of the book. It uses diaries and personal accounts which enables us to have a more personal look at the characters involved with the events.

Let me know how you get on Smooth!

  • ben


You know how I digest new information. I question it ten million times, every bit that doesn’t first click. I work on the foundation of every premise to make sure its good to go. Well, just prepare for a billion questions. Obviously not just you, that’s what the message board is for. I haven’t gotten it yet, but I can’t wait. is great though. I purchased the book used for $2.38 plus shipping and handling. I also ended up buying 1949, Speaker for the Dead by Scott Card, and two copies of The Anderson Tapes by Sanders. So nobody has no excuses to get this book. DubZ (my cousin and co-Admin of TMR) and I have decided to start an XXI / TMR book club.

They are still working on Enders Game then The Foundation Series, but after that we want everyone to read One Palestine, Complete and discuss it. It should be fun.