One post-christian conondrum among many

How will we name our kids?

Well, many ironists will name them after books in the Bible.


Good question, some older Christian names ought to become retained, but just a select handful of them. The rest of the Postchristian children will have to come up with newer, inspiring names, probably relating to our new Mayan Calender and 2012 Mayan Age. The Calender of Christ is complete. This is our Postchristian Ear. I meant Era. I should have just went back and deleted that, and retyped it. But I just kept on typing instead and left the mistake as is.

What are some inspiring and holy names, that you can think of, Pezer? “Pezer” may be a good option to start off?? What will your name mean, Pezer? Will you name your firstborn son this?

My first born shall be named:

Holy Fuck

Interesting choice! :D/

Whatever name ‘yo momma’ has.


…a name that no-one else has, so as to be as unique as he.

We Vikings shall continue to name ourselves without regard for saints.


Postchristians ought to reflect celestial names, and transhumanistic names connected to new age concepts like androids, cyborgs, technology. In this postchristian age, we will begin space colonization. So think about the future. Children will have names which reflect these newer feats of humanity. Think about where we are going, and which names are worth keeping and bringing into the future. Not many names should be kept. Many have become irrelevant, like Tucker. What kind of name is Tucker anyway??? That one has got to go…too bad so sad, Tuckers.

Yes… this thread isn’t cult like in the least.

Aren’t you guys forgetting one thing? Secularist libidos go into decline, and baby making is put off so everyone can rush after a career and buy that house in a gated community in some liberal super culture like Vancouver or San Francisco. Within a few generations of success, the population growth for that community internally is fucking almost nothing. 1 man + 1 woman = 1 child who married a only child of another similar family, they make baby who marries a similar offspring, etc… suddenly you have 16 family lines coupled into 1 fucking individual. One who will have a accident and have their junk ripped off or become infertile cause they used the wrong lip balm or got cancer when they were 7 cause that’s what the kids of rich people do… they die easily, and get all sorts of weird ass diseases. So dynastic traditions are not being well thought out here, as your a inherent evolutionary dead end. Sorry. Pezer… you should know this the most, your buddies stayed home while you fled to Canada. The Anglo population is declining there, via the carrot and stick bate of promotions in good jobs, good communities, good education. Your buddies are going to outfuck you back home, and have lots of grandchildren. You will have one, who has to visit all 8 of theirs cause it’s the only grandchild to them all, and none of them are dying cause socialism won’t let them. Then some of walker’s descendents will form a gang and will mug your grandchild. The end.

You’re not talking about post-christianism, you’re talking about nihilism.

Getting a career to fill in the void, etc.

Nietzsche affirmed nihilism as his after religion. He took the strides made against The Book of Pessimism in the Jewish and Christian traditions and held it up as triumph. Death and meaninglessness triumphant, monkey politics exalted. Your trying to split hairs on a bald mans scalp.

Some combination of previous family members and fashion will be the guiding ‘genius’ of choice. Sort of parallels many decisions humans make.

A significant portion of Post Christian children ought to become named as the Mayans were, to reflect the accuracy of Mayan prophesy, that has accurately predicted the end of the Christian Era and the rise of this Mayan new world, and post-christian era. The Mayans have some spiritual insight or power that has successfully predicted this, displaying great prophetic ability. I would say that about 25% of post christian children should consider Mayan, Aztec, and other authentic American names, portraying the success and glory of the new world peoples and the rise of our unbelievable, amazing, absolute cultures.

No hairs split, monkey politics is actuallty a great way to put Nietzsche’s triumph. It is a lie, we are not monkeys, but it reveals the truth that our savage instincts have much more in store for us than nihilist fairy tales, that curbing them with moderation is akin to nihilism, and that one must be political in their expression if one wishes not to get shot.

I love how Christians hate Nietzsche for being a nihilist, but Nietzsche based most of his career on being disgusted by Christians for being nihilists.

But everyone’s giving their kids unique names these days… :wink:

What I hate is the sheer posery of it all. Naming your child has become a sort of “statement” for so many people. A way to prove how enlightened and smart you are; nothing to do with the child except maybe start the unrealistic expectations early.

“I am unique, just like everybody else.”

…when I say unique I don’t mean stupid :unamused:

The name I choose will have meaning and also be reflective of their personality… and I don’t mean Shanikwa honey.

…and you presume that this does not hold true for my offspring/other’s out there - suffice to say… you are wrong.