One simple cause for all nihilisms

When a culture gets old, it starts to lose values. Money becomes the highest value. Under the pressure of money and trade borders disappear and also culture.
This is something that creates democracy and large unions or union states. So was Napoleon the first one who saw the upcoming of an European union. He was the first European in general, even before his conquests.
If he was successful in his conquest, he would give Europe a new culture and values, since he admired Goethe. This would mean the end of nihilism - in Europe.
And on the example of Napoleon Nietzsche worked to establish an European culture and new masculine values. His concept of the Good European was beyond good and evil (slave morality) - into Good and Bad (master morality).

The good European was master of culture in general, but if Europe had the power to rule the world, then Europe would give the Superman too.
So, to be bold, overcoming nihilism still doesn’t mean Übermensch, and in no way were new values individual things, since stoicism does preach individualist values, but the values of Europe would be created by the philosophers of the future who will have to be the foundation of a new Paneuropean culture.

The Übermensch will be someone who can dominate the world, like Napoleon, just much more than he achieved, by the overabundance of his organizing powers.

I know nobody thus far did ever reach to determine what means what in Nietzsche’s philosophy. I know for sure he meant exactly this and also that the time for the philosophers of the future is coming. They will give values after political struggles have ceased to disturb culture.

Historically, philosophers of the ancient Greek future were Plato and Aristotle, after the Peloponnesian wars.

Not hard to see that, but ok.

How do you define a culture as being “old”? Certainly there are dysgenics that come into play once a certain threshold of affluence and control over reproduction have been achieved (has happened in the west since the peak of the industrial revolution). Plus our western civilization has the added detriment of grapping with nefarious communist ideologies that only gain more power and influence as the overall IQ level in the population falls.

Europeans didn’t exist before Napoleon? Huh. I must have slept through that day in history class.

Pretty sure the French revolution was all about decadence, disorder and nihilism, “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”. Didn’t see Napoleon do much about that, even after he gained power. In fact the laws he created once in power were quite liberal-progressive (equality, destruction of the power of the church and tradition, destruction of class distinctions, emphasis on individualist freedom and freedom in personal commerce/contracts.

And what are these European values, in distinction from nihilism?

Nietzsche and his superman, philosophers of the future, stuff is just flashy writing. It doesn’t actually mean anything. Just rhetoric to make his own ideas seem even more profound.


Oh yes, we see what those bent on global domination consider to be “higher values”. Very Uberish :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Definitely not at all asinine, nihilistic drivel by a group of inbred psychopathic and power-hungry, high functioning autistics. Nope, definitely not that.

Really? It’s pretty easy. Just read it. Then sift out the bullshit, and see what’s left. It also helps to use reality as a filter for the bs. Once you do there’s not much leftover except some flowery-sounding polemics and some edgy iconoclasms that make low-confident teenagers feel superior to the bullies who pick on them in school.

Means literally nothing at all. “Beware the coming of the philosophers of the future! Whoooaaaa whoaaaa!! Beware!!!” Haha. What nonsense. How is any of that even considered philosophy? It’s like a bad children’s story.

And? Do they satisfy Nietzsche’s conditions, are they the new Masters of the Universe? What would Bill Gates and his cronies know about the writings of the ancient Greeks?

Nietzsche had it backwards, as it seems he got many things literally backwards. Aristotle, however, got it right, since he at least understood the nature of power at a psychological level. “Those who lack power over themselves seek power over others.”


I like disrespectful questions too, it makes answers short. To say so much in a word what others wouldn’t tell in a book.

Well played, better not allow yourself to get too close to these ideas. Might destabilize your “will to power” :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: