Only want to know,

Just follow me on a quick journey here…

This Journey starts with something We use everyday and definitely take for granted. A pencil! So simple, yet we owe the essense of our daily ease in communication to the Pencil.

Find a Pencil, any kind will do…
Examine it for awhile…

Now seperate all the parts that make up a Pencil…
Graphite…Depends on what kind I guess, and,

I did the first step now sit back and think of every aspect of what it took for that pencil to be in front of you. You know it is there so this process had to have taken place just so you could perform the simple miracle of writing your name.

Trees-Harvested by Men. All the people in the company to pay the men,
Machines to harvest Trees. All the people it took to build/manufacture the machines. Machine’s need Gas/Oil.We need Machine to get Gas/Oil…
Each aspect of the simplest machine takes thousands of men and man hours to exist in front of you. Now all these workers need clothes, so who is to say that the people who made the workers clothes aren’t just as important in getting your pencil to you. What about feeding all of these people?
Well food comes from nature,
So nature must have helped in a way as well.
This is just a small bit of what this list details,
But see you could never finish the list,
One ends up in a twisted sea of interconnection, ture chaos yet the underlining order of it all brings fort the Pencil.

We all embrace each other,

This what God means to me,
Embracing as a whole.
No matter what God means to you,
We are the tool.

I ask that you disregard this post,
Eager Minds, Draw crooked lines.

Take any argument on god to the religious board, this board is more or less arguing about IF or FOR a god, not why i should belive in him.

thats my feedback.

I apologize…

didnt mean it so harsh as it came out.

No worries Brother,
I am new here so I was just being respectful…

Synthesist, your argument reminds me a great deal of an essay entitled “I, Pencil” that was about as convincing an argument for the division of labour as I have ever seen. I tried to find a link for it on the net (which was where I originally read it) to show you what I mean, but couldn’t find anything.

However, I’m not sure it translates quite as well into an argument supporting the existence of God. The significance of the pencil, humble as it is, is best dealt with in economic rather than theistic terms. The pencil represents the acheivement of the collective human intuition - and how this intuition can best be co-operatively applied to benefit everyone - rather than evidence supporting the unified, intertwined collectivity of everything that “is”, much less the existence of God.

Also, I must take issue with this:

It strikes me - or rather the “humanistic” side of me - as quite a grim, pessimistic view. Are you likening us - and our relationship to God - with the relationship we have with the common pencil? Are we nothing but tools bidding God’s will on Earth?

Or did I miss something?

I am still new in the sense of putting my thoughts into words,
But is clear to me now how pessimestic it was.
It was meant, I guess in more of a metaphoric sense.
But not well thought out,
I seem to have learned something here in the first two days on this site.
Which is showing me the value of conversation.
First, I know nothing, my views are blurred.
Stuck in between, Believing in both sides.

At that same time, I am impressed with the level in which some people are on, at this site. I was not sure if this was totally Legit.

So no you did not miss anything,
My process of thoughts into words just needs to Ironed out. More thought out is what I have concluded. Sound so Immature, but that is one problem with people today.
Thanks for the Response, any feedback is Input.
Input seems to be Key.

So is it safe to say that sometimes…

“Saying Nothing—Says Something”

For me the “parable of the pencil” circumscribes our interdependence and pointedly leads to the fact that everything is connected

Talking about pencils, I heard the Americans spents millions of dollars (back in the days when a million meant something) on developing a pen that works in space (as pens work on gravity, try using one upside down, make sure you haven’t got one of those NASA pens though :wink:).

The Russians just used pencils. So the parable of the pencil can also be a lesson in stupidity too :wink:

----- Yes, the Americans probably spent even more on that zero-gravity toilet…
– You, however, are only considering one narrow aspect of the pencil and not the multifaceted panorama that the original questioner envisioned.
----- If the story (no matter how simple) can demonstrate our interdependence and bring joy and understanding to our lives then perhaps it is worth the telling.