Open Manifesto to “Philosophers”

I’ve lost it, I tell you. I can’t take it anymore!

This is fixed with phenomenology.

I am digging Husserl, but you can’t rewrite history (imagine all the clarifications right here).

Why would I want to rewrite history? That would make no sense, it would be a direct contradiction to what “history” means.

They’re all saying the same thing in different words. Husserl is a sneaky bastard. So is Kant. & Hegel. & Brentano.

Etc. etc. etc. Since Descartes. But going back to Jesus. And “the god” of Socrates. & Moses.

But there legit needs to be a thesaurus.

Are you high? You seem high.

Things are always as they seem.

Mathematicians are the worst of them. Somebody please tell me how many thousands a mega-annum… or mega-anus… is.

I said it how I said it.

The nanometre is making me very angstrom.

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