Even though Congress voted down the bill to reinstate the draft, due diminishing recruitment levels and increasing need for forces it may become an attractive option. I urge everyone to stand firm against this frightening prospect, and ensure that Iraq does not turn into another Vietnam.

Print out this petition, and pass it around.

For more information, see http://nodraftnoway.org

Congress voted down a draft bill? When? Who was it that suggested this bill in the first place and is that person a Republican? Must have answers…

When they elected Bush the first time I had a terrible feeling. I am a firm believer of a lot of theories behind some huge conspiracy theories. And everything leading up to the election, the USS Cole gettting blown to bits, and the fraudalent selection, to include September 11th led me to believe that they were going to start a draft.

Although I’m not a US citizen, I knew I wasn’t safe from a draft. This, amongst other things. Led me to believe that if I would have to fight for the US, I might as well join the military anyways.

Since I’ve been to Iraq twice already I believe I can talk. The situation is bad, but not as bad as they make it seem on the news. There are a lot of things that you just don’t know. Good and Bad.

I don’t believe in the draft, but if it happens… I feel for you.

I simply don’t think the draft would be good for the military. That would be the main basis on which I’d oppose it.

Draft? Well, if one came, obviously, most people would oppose it. They are becoming more cynical of Bush, and many people are becoming against the oil war in Iraq.






When I first heard of this a little over a year ago I did some research and discovered that although the initial bill introduced by congressman Rangel had already been voted on and completely defeated there was the strange fact that President Bush had increased funding to the SSS or the Selective Service (I think it’s system) by, I’m sorry I really have forgotten the numbers but it was like from 15 million a year to 150 million a year or more. It was a lot. Do some research. There is some interesting stuff about concientious objecter status within the bill itself that is in the 3rd link.