Organized Philosophy?

Hey guys,

Haven’t posted in a while. Do you think there is room in society to accept Organized Philosophy in the same way that we accept Organized Religion?

On that note, I’d like to start a First Church of Wisdom and Good Ideas. Any takers?


Can we call it the “first something else of wisdom and good ideas”? The church word might scare off a lot of good contributors.


That job is already taken.
But their best idea was to always remain unseen and unknown… subtle influence only.
Any “Church of Philosophy” would have to be merely a sham, a distracting front.

How would Organized Philosophy differ substantially from what’s going on right now? The term isn’t really painting me a mental picture yet.

Like the other recent thread about Church of Philosophy, I agree, this is too vague. When the guy brought up ‘church of philosophy’, what he meant was something totally different from the kind of thing people naturally thought he meant.

So, go out of your way to be clear, little brother. Describe what you’re talking about. Organized how? In what sense?
What about your church? How could we know if we’re a taker if the only thing we know about it is its name? We have to have more information.

As an example of what FJ is asking for: would it involve bringing the common masses into it? Would there be weekly “congregations”?

Personally, I think any way you decide to structure this community of philosophers would result in only some philosopher staying in it for the long haul while others simply wouldn’t fit in, while others yet would proactively steer clear of it (maybe even fight it). You see, as philosophers, there will be a great many of us who hold to one or another particular philosophy that has clear implications, not only for how this organization ought to be run, but whether having such an organization is even a good idea.

Wouldn’t say, Consumerism, be an organized philosophy?
It has rituals, beliefs about ontology, the self, ethics, nature.

Aren’t there a number of organized philosophies out there?

Now the masses are clearly involved in my example. There are all sorts of congregations, Xmas, for example being one, mother’s day Another. But like many religions, one can participate in Groups or on one’s own. One can involve the internet, and talk abotu what one bought and how this has changed who you are. You can comment on what other wear and what this means about who they are. You can implicitly assert all sorts of things in person, over the internet, by one’s relationships to purchases (one own and others) about your beliefs, goals and so on.

I suppose the Buy Nothing Day organizers and No Growth advocates would be the equivalent to atheists for this Organized Philosophy.
No tax breaks here yet, except for the Corporations involved.

Football clubs - another example of organized philosophy.
Here again we have ideas about identity, self, ethics, ontology. We have gatherings. We have clubs. We have dress codes. Rituals.
And this philosophy leads to action in the world. So much so that instead of fighting crime, law enforcement, at enormous expense, makes sure these organized philosophers, do not carry out some of the philosophical implications of their beliefs against other organized philosophers at matches.
These guys are not just mental wankers like most philosophers…they actually belief their philosophy and it radically affects their participation in the world.

That’s called religion… for pay.

For pay? a lot of these people, most are volunteers. I am not sure it Counts as as theism, so I would call it a philosophy. I mean, sure they might say Manchester United is God on occasion, but when pressed, and with the help of a fluent native speaker, I Think they would call this a metaphor.