Origin of beings is to introduce God to His Love

Big Bang = Division to men of God will being inn

before = God is small of being intelligence eyes of Void

i guess that He didn’t think for a time, seeing where He was with none to be

particularity = intelligence able to make clever feelings of what it thinks or fancies that it become of He as in truths it can built on new beings in other truths He would make

I guess, He than use to entertain Himself of making beings that feels, animals He would give them to be in what He desire

particularity of His creations on this stage = He became a monster being
i think it is due to the pleasure He discovered of the fact that He is bored

i can go on like this till our time but i need to feel if it is ok with you guys do you like my thoughts in truth of who create men?

It’s a shame you weren’t alive in the aftermath of the time of Jesus, coz then you could’ve contributed to the writing of the bible.

Tell us more.

did they all write in english? wait i’m using that term loosely relating to iman

Iman! what are you gibbering on about??? god does not exist, never has , never will. If a speak a lie may he strike me down before I finish this senta…

But seriously… what are you talking about?? Make sense ok or at least learn to write English! :angry:

What’s your native language, iman? Presumably it’s one that’s very different to English?

every word you say is of God explanation concern to His Wills, Being more in His truth giving in men as reflecting truth of God being to be and the will of being more in His most profound nature to change of truths He love that He becomes,

the more you see the meaning of forms the more you could feel you are the more you would be in Him

It is always God in men feelings expression that allow seeing truth in forms as artists who describe suffer condition out of God and to evolve into bigger by getting out of satan in men of expressing electrical waves projection of God being in their sense to be, as also repulsive men may appear being of God truth in expressing desires of satan the previous God son, reason of giving more of his truth to this earth, making a satan, a adaptation of satan in God to the world of His new wills, he will respect values of the source by giving him proofs of its superiority truth of God and the proofs of superior pleasure of real love he will be forced to respect

my sense to be is God truths all the beauty i can feel in world is directly pointing these truths to say, as i love intelligence of means to be as i see the real pain in not being in the truth nobody knows, as i am aware of my fear obsession to die, i understand my lacknesses of communication with other senses to be, therefore i will be grateful if you could be truthful by helping the truths to get prooved you must feel inn, as the truth i want to say is the truth of all, and tell me what sentence is not clear and in what sense it is not convincing of what you feel or think

Will you marry me, iman? :smiley:

iman wrote;

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Well nobody has ever put it more clearly than Michael Bakunin:

"For, if God is, he is necessarily the eternal, supreme, absolute master, and, if such a master exists, man is a slave; now, if he is a slave, neither justice, nor equality, nor fraternity, nor prosperity are possible for him.

In vain, flying in the face of good sense and all the teachings of history, do they represent their God as animated by the tenderest love of human liberty: a master, whoever he may be and however liberal he may desire to show himself, remains none the less always a master.

His existence necessarily implies the slavery of all that is beneath him.

Therefore, if God existed, only in one way could he serve human liberty — by ceasing to exist."[/i]

(God and the State 1876 dwardmac.pitzer.edu/anarchist_ar … e_ch1.html)

She’s mine!

Tantra, and I will show you God’s face!

And then we shall preform elemental rites in the forest and at the sea shore!

Madness brings the greatest knowledge! Realisim is the mental prison of Satan himself!

You must manifest the lord within you, by realizing the world around you!

The universe only has one means of self-realization, and that is by means of intelligence and life within it. We must transform the universe into a biocosm, we must turn inanimate matter into animate matter.

Truth is everywhere around you, but you cannot “know” it, you can only “feel” it ( :wink:, feeeeel it)…
The truth is like the ultimate truths within the subconscious mind, each you can only sort of really sense the meaning of, and you must manifest it by becoming it, not by taking it literally at face-value. We must learn the symbolic meaning of the universe and life on earth, instead of killing our own hearts through realism.

Only women understand GOD!

Religions founded by men all miss the mangus and glory of the female spirit!

Remember, who created you? Who fed you what you needed? Where did you come from? Only women will understand creation, because only women create life.

Life always starts off as love of some sort, then two sides fuze.
Stars emit the light that we need by fusion.
When love and energy fuzed, reality and matter was released.

[ ****! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: ******! **** ****! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: ********! ]

( Smacks head on table )

Only truth works! Only when you do what is true and right will you be able to help someone and not hurt someone. God expressed his love to everything as best he can and for THIS REASON a stable relationship bewteen cause and effect could exist! For this reason life could exist! If humans manifested only and purely love they would be able to handle God’s universe properly! If they had enough love for everyone and everything then they would properly interact with the universe and they would have a great future as a species. If people practice the opposite of love then they practice the opposite of God and the universe, thus they cause war and destroy life and reality instead of helping it all grow in the holy way that it was meant to grow.

[ Just a little bit closer… I know your soul… First I will kill your soul, and then your body, from the heart, up the spine, into the brain, I will crush you with strong desires, hopes, dreams and expectations of a humane and loving universe as you deny and distort nature, and wallow in your own human idealism filth. Your dreams of God, the things that you hold most true, and the things that you want most – these are your most intimate and personal parts, the week parts that I can control or kill you through! I posess all of the religions on earth. Zeal is mine. I am the puppet master. Serve me or die of loneliness! ]

And somewhere in the middle of it the phone got knocked off the cook.


Who said that!?
Did somebody just say something?
I didn’t hear anything, did you?
Maybe I heard my own desires turn reality into what I wanted?
Maybe all desire, instinct and belief is simply a tool used by a living being to convert inanimate into humanized output, and reality will always appear as if it was “meant” to be for us, as we want it to be for us.

I have paradigm shifted to true objectivism.
It’s so cold it’d practically make your hear stop!
That’s right!
Absolute nutrality about all facts means nolonger even wanting to live, act or think!

I will bring you pain! I have the truth! I can lie like you, exactly like you, and that’s because I understand you all! All of you humans! I can shift into any of your mentalities if I want to, gain your trust, agree with and add to your delusion, and then crush it before your eyes.

I have not even began to use my secret powers, and at ILP I am simply playing with you all, this is not “serious”. You do not know how or what I am! I simply give you a few words so that I can watch you act the way that I desided you should act or feel.

Join the DarkSide! The force is strong with you, and constipated kittens are strong with the force also.

God likes to eat shnider’s hotdogs. What a weiner!

I have set out to make the world’s most evil forum reply…

Dear krossie, I enjoy your posts.
You must realize that the idea of the univese being designed by intelligence, leads to the idea that it is meant to be owned by intelligence, thus the entire universe be dominated by human rationalists as soon as possible.

My reply above this one – was a test.
I hope that you each can see the “truth” in it, though I doubt you all at this time.

Even in the era of the stupid, stupid Jews, the idea was already deeply instilled that all of earth and nature was the “property” of man, and all men were property of a monarchial “God”. This evil idea farther leads to the already humanly prone thought method that:
Humans are above – not within and equal to other life on earth. Stars were created as night lights, or were gods back then; they were not seem as galaxies teaming with non-Jewish life forms.

The Jew represents the modern US Christian, the imperialism, the false religion and the lie ridden human arrogance on earth.

If you are to tell me that the Jews and others like them are not stupid, then their opposers, the environmentalists, the scientists and the realists – if you have chosen such semitic sides and culture, it shows me that you are truly American! Meanwhile, I will not stop in my realization that the zeal of semitic monotheism is the rapeing of nature and civilian meaning.

“and tell me what sentence is not clear and in what sense it is not convincing of what you feel or think”

1 Punctuation.

2 Use precise concepts rather than “truth”, “will”, “force”, “feel”, et cetera.

3 Stop writting religious parables.

If you can manage 3, then some people will begin to understand.

If you can manage 3 and 2, then many people will begin to understand.

If you can manage 3, 2 and 1, then most people will begin to understand.

Uniquor, have you read my evil posts?
Take notes and tell skippy about it!


tho’ the nazi sig is a little scary now –

How was the universe “designed”???

– I reckon this is just a particular multiverse that “congealed” around us folks…

Actually now you are scaring me for real…

Can’t go with that sort of racist (sounding?) claptrap even “in jest” I’m afraid!

To the psychologists first of all, presuming they would like to study ressentiment close up for once, I would say: this plant blooms best today among anarchists and anti-Semites–where it has always bloomed, in hidden places, like the violet, though with a different odor.

Geanlogy of Morals 2:11

uta.edu/english/apt/fritz/an … enazi.html


The thing that men fear the most is the truth.
The thing men fear the most is the thing that men hate the most.
The thing that men hate the most, they will attempt to destroy, dominate or control.

The Jew is not the genetics which cause the hair color or skin color of the semite, the Jew is the religious culture of the middle-east.

The greatest enemy of the Jew is the one who opposes submissive slave-class idealism, and the enemy of the Jew is the sceintific fact. The freind of the Jew is the scape goat, the blood sacrifice, the submission, opression, AND PRIMARILIY, the EXPLOTATION AND MIND CONDITIONING of women.

As Abraham was counted righteous for being willing to kill his very own son for “god”, so to is insanity of a man the ultimate gift to the god of the Jew.

As I speak truth about the Jew, the Jew will become angery, and claim that I hate him, as he hates and judges me as a sinner.

As I say that the Church and the Mosk are the places containing the very highest density of lies, demonic archons and untruth – they will claim that I am “evil” and am exerting “religious hate”, as my heart feels no hate or violance at all towards my fellow man, and as the Jew judges and hates anything true and in opposition to his lie.

The world is becoming so sick with Jewish intoxication, that men would actually feel guilty for making a muslim terrorist angery, as if his Allah was more important then human freedom and being alive on earth.

The Jewish fear of the Jewish god – leads to a submissive attitude in which you would sooner kill your own son then do what is proper on earth. Many Christians in the US, for example, will judge, hate and preach at their VERY OWN CHILDREN, as soon as their children turn away from the god of the Jew. If they worship Buddha or they worship nothing at all, this exersize of free will and desire is the greatest insult to the Jew, and the Jew then manifests intence hatered for the non-Jew, who he previous was controlling the mind of.

Dan, your are turning iman’s benevolent thread for God into a Nazi orgy. I’m just waiting to see if iman is gona take you on. If so, it’ll be interesting.

May be some one could write an interactive Iman v Dan computer game and spare us from the reality…
I dunno whether to take the Dan seriously or not as he does seem to be taking the piss and some of it is sort of funny…to an extent…but its wearing off a bit… seems to imply that he some how distinguishs jews as a race from the religion??

Any way it gives me a chance to throw in one of Satres subtlest pieces of psychology: Portrait of an antisemite

  • ah no text on the web
  • lemme quote any ways

    “The jew is only a pretext: elsewhere it will be the negro, the yellow race; the jews existence simply allows the antisemite to nip his anxieties in the bud by persuading himself that his place has always been cut out in the world, that it was waiting for him and that by virtue of tradition he has the right to occupy it. Antisemitism, in a word, is fear of man’s fate. The antisemite is the man who wants to be a pitiless stone, furious torrent, devastating lightening: in short, everything but a man”


Nobody wants to recognize the truth of his fears while all of you as i see it are, saying from a deep sense of understanding God,

It took me a long way to see the truth in bright men acting stupid i couldn’t figure it out why? i said to myself well this is the proof of evil existence than proof of superior intelligence who has a goal in showing me this extrem impotency of understanding such hudge contradiction in a same being who obviously knows what is the best to be and insist on using it just to serve a desire of being the opposite, while i couldn’t see the evil but weak stupid i tortured myself thinking where does he got this strength of desiring such sickness in being the absurd was to see that it works indeed, they get all the respect and knowledge of the world in the inferior being they love to be, at the same times i was frustrated thinking how a much higher powerful intelligence would allow this when the only depth of means i saw of them being were to recognize truths of superiority intelligence at the source of values, than thinking of my fear from this disgusting strength which also absurd love to destroy all of good men instead of feeling a little ashamed of the truth they can’t at least acting hypocrits with their pleasure of being and respect the love and peace any wise good man brings to let him live especially when he is not but being nice with him, of my fear to been forced to respect these monsters for some stupid things i don’t care of at all comparing to a sense of building a being in truths that brings true joys in being alive, healthy feelings of selfmaking growth you love in surprising interactions with bigger than yourself in something you touched in others or big scene fate loved you to force you inn who did inspire your nature to know,

Thank you very much Dan, i cried reading your first words because of what i saw you are, i caanot express my convictions of truth fluently like you it is such a release to feel another making instead of you when all you want is to enjoy a reality of truth in good, impossible till this time, i cried also of my fear you are not thinking in yourself, you are very smart but that is why you cannot see women clearly, God made women to force her to be in weak, He is too smart the way He plan to be in somthing he will enjoy to make, you have to be in your most weak to see the much bigger you can, can you see how you and krossie are saying in depth the same thing?? It is God we have to blame and not others He is all, and use man to say Him of his feeling of fear to die that God abuse for His pleasure of false quality of love giving of slaves that he enjoys so much to manipulate,

as i see and wanted to proceed on my story of GOD, the truth of evil strength and desires is of God pleasure to feel your pain that i think it is true He wants to give it up for truth in better He is now, but it is obvious to me that He won’t give easily that is why He put so high vertus to be and justify it of His brain that we are so impressed how He proove his points we forget to see that it is all suggested but nothing is done of what it says is for, the truth of evil He wants to eliminate is also from what He saw of Him being satan, that is our guarantee that He does want to change, i think He hated him of revealing Himself maybe He thanks him too for forcing to make Him in bigger truths, i mean all is one God, krossie is right evil is of the truth of not being but slave, satan God saw shocked how he does not love and respect who made him, He is very big for us to see Him as one Yes, but we can and we must in all what we see, in order to be in healthy truth we desire of our sense to be He made for time to come

hey iman,
since your on a 1st name basis with god, is it immoral to laugh at GOD jokes? here are some simple questions for someone with an intimate knowledge of God.

What is God? Where is God? How can i get there? Why do i want to get there?
Will i meet Adolf hitler there? What do you have against sentances? Do you ever answer a question with a proper english response? Do you have a psychologist? What kind of drugs does he give you for that? Did you stop taking them? Did you ever read any philosophical work? Do you think you’re profound because no one understands you? do you just try to hide you’re illogical and unprovable “ideas” in a word salad that no one will waste time responding to in a legitimate fashion? Answers to my question would be greatly appreciated in ENGLISH. …I don’t speak idiot.

If god had a job would he be a 1)Janitor 2)Engineer 3)Millwright 4)Psychologist
please don’t say all 4.

  1. what would he have to clean out of the universe?
    2)Did he design it right the 1st time?
    3)Did he fuck up and have to maintain it?
    4)Why don’t i question? because i don’t know and when i die i’ll find out.(end of story)