origin of ideas

Where/What are ideas derived from?

  • sentiant experiance(the mind derives its ideas from the senses)
  • they are innate(our mind has ideas present to it at birth which we discover/become aware of when needed)
  • they are derived from god( ideas are derived from the universal consciousnes/ god)
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Where do ideas derive there existance from? I agree with Hume in saying that they are derived from our experiance.

proof: blind people have no idea/conception of colour, deaf people of sound.

proof: people who lose sight during life(not blind from birth) gradually lose the ability to dream in images.(this was a study i read on this site, can’t remember the researchers or find the study)

I can go along with Hume on this, but I think this is only a branch of the root. Ideas require awareness and intelligence then observance of the surroundings. So in the end, if you follow the source of ideas back beyond man, one possibility could be a creator. I guess the question is can you logically trace ideas back to another source before humans.

Without an environment to percieve , there can be no experiance as we know it. If the senses didn’t have anything to sense, we would precieve nothing(or not percieve at all for that matter). Without experiance as we know it, it would seem we can have no ideas as we know them, as ideas are always representations of an environment/reaction to the environment.

the faculties of imagination and memory are a necessary prerequisite for our ability to have ideas, because our bodies interaction with nature produces an experiance which is in a relatively constant fulx and ideas are derived or copied from this experiance. The memory allows for a recollection of our past experiance and the imagination allows for a reallocation or rearrangement of past experiance into a string of events or progress from one event to another.

This being said, it seems that our environment and our imagination and memory are all necessary prerequisites to ideas and that none are an independent cause of ideas in themselves. Without the memory, we would only experiance a constant change in environment and we would be in a constant state of reading and reacting without any sense of time and without any ability to react based on past experiance, it would be as if every day was our first day. Without imagination we would have no music, no art, no ability to conceptualize future events, we would have no aspirations no goals no motivations. Without an environment we would percieve nothing, in sense we portrayed earlier, we would not percieve at all.

Without those 3 prerequisites, life as we know it would not exist. So, to sum up, i don’t think there is any one cause of our ideas,it seems to be more of a synergy of multiple faculties which results in ideas.