Origin Of The Modern Human

Which one?

  • "Multiple Development"
  • "Out of Africa"
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I’ve always been interested in the origin of the modern human.

Personally, I find the “Out Of Arica” theory more scientifically backed up.

Which one do you think as correct, and what evidence can you give?

One of the scientific facts that we can take into account is the fact that Black people have the most genetic mutations (or something like that), which is an indicator to how old thh gene-strain actually is. The less mutation, the younger the race of people. So if black people have the most mutations, they are the oldest people. So the out of Africa deally might be right.

Vote then.

Bye the way, even if what you said is correct, it can hardly support the theory “Out Of Africa”, according to Logic.

The Journey of Man on PBS gave me the impression that the evidence was in: by tracing mutations in Y chromosomes, scientists have determined that we all came from ancestors of a people in Africa.

Is there still disagreement?

It’s also possible that the reason we found really old skeletons in Africa is that it’s very dry there and preserved the bones.

I think the genetic research done is pretty conclusive in debunking the myth that humanity may have arisen in Asia. By looking at the amount of diversity present in modern populations, the people from present day Africa are closest to the “source” of humanity, if you will.

One more reason to defy racism.

you forgot #3

the aliens dropped us off…

look at the pyramids… egypt and central america…

there are too many constructions that are not reasonably explained…


Makes you wonder what’s No 4, 5…

Maybe, but they dropped us off in Africa. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where are they?

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Shody construction. Hmmm. Building codes did not exist then. I suppose.

Regarding explanation of the pyramids, I think you should apply Ockham’s Razor — do not multiply hypotheses needlessly — and Einstein’s “A scientific theory should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

Are aliens the best and simplest possible explanation for (admittedly large) piles of stones?

yes, aliens are the best and simplest explanation…

as simple as god and more believeable…


Very soon now we shall have a rise of Raelians running around here…

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If aliens had really wanted to impress us, they would have left an extremely fast computer with a Windows operating system immune to viruses.

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