Our first African American president... prayers for him.

I am very proud to be American at this time in our history. I voted for McCain, but knew I would not be disappointed if Obama won, despite differences. If you are the praying sort, feel free to add your thoughts here. I’ll start.

Father, I know You will be with President (Elect) Obama during his presidency, to protect him and help him make wise choices on behalf of our country and successfully face all the challenges we now face and will face in the future. Please help him seek and accept Your counsel the whole way and grow closer to You throughout his time in office. I pray he knows that though storms rage and everything changes, and though he might stumble–the strength of Your love remains constant… I pray this ever informs his decisions as he leads our nation.

In Jesus’ name,

Amen, America! :flags-usa:

So what happens when someone else prays to god the complete oposite of what you have? What happens?

Amen. If nothing else, I can say that Obama’s supporters must be much happier than I would have been if the guy I voted for won.

I geuss I don’t understand. Who are you praying to?

Edit: Well I see that it has been moved to mudane babble, so I geuss that means “ignore me”. Peace.

I would prepare some meat for my ancestors, but, errr . . . ummmm . . . I’ve got a sneaky feeling they wouldn’t be too happy about a black President. Mencius, on the other hand, would be elated that ethnic divides failed to transcend more important manners. So that is very, very good. Not to demean my fine ancestry, but I’d rather be on the side of Mencius.

So cheers to the first citizen. Your prayers are no doubt appreciated.

Hello Xilivai–

Interesting question. What do you perceive is the ‘complete opposite’ of what I’ve prayed? If whatever is prayed is motivated from God’s love, consider it done… in God’s timing… unless He has something better planned.

Uccisore and I both profess to be Christians.

Didn’t mean to offend you if I did, Xunzian (if that’s why you moved this from the religion forum to mundane babble). If I published what I pray about that isn’t televised (all of which is as important as Pres-elect Obama; nothing is mundane, really), I would feel like the barber-shop gossip. Please understand.

There is nothing more important than transcending whatever may divide. :slight_smile:

Now I really am hittin’ the hay. Time marches on.

Here’s a beter question. What does praying do? (If it looks like I’m athiest, I’m not. I’m simply asking questions.)

Nope, not offended at all. I liked the thread. But the religion section gets hot enough without throwing political fuel on that fire. It is a good thread, I just thought it would be better off either here or in SS. Just a matter of categorization.

Xilivia–what does praying do? you ask. Think of all the reasons you talk to the closest, most authentic friend you most admire (or imagine reasons, if you don’t know anyone like that). That’s what praying does. If you’re asking how it’s possible to get a prayer request answered when God is unchanging, it’s because the changing (temporal, contingent) changes within the unchanging (eternal, necessary). That’s why I said “consider it done.” It’s also why it is possible for Him to give the future to a prophet. That everything is inevitable is only scary if you don’t know that God is love and takes requests before they are even requested.

Xunzian… guess that rules out starting a ‘separation of church and state’ discussion in the religion forum, eh? :techie-reference:

Now, all we need is for Xanderman to show up, and then I’ll totally be confused with all the names beginning in X.

He is just another owned puppet politician like all the rest. Big deal. His owners will screw us somehow, they always do.

I think you underestimate the influence of this particular individual.

Should be interesting.

<not that I’d agree they’re all puppets>

I’d say that is more of a SS question, wouldn’t you say? Unless you were coming at it from the vantage point of a country where SS doesn’t exist and were looking at the effects that state involvement had in the religion.

You don’t become president in this day and age without being owned. just look at how much he spent on the campaign. that part bothers me the most.

But look at the average contribution. He certainly spend a lot, but it came from an unprecedented number of sources. Are they all owners? I’d be fine with that :smiley:

The contributions thing is a whole separate issue I’ll let others deal with. I don’t know how much he spent versus how much was contributed, or how much that really affected things. He could have spent less and still got elected, for all I know. But I think he will listen to the citizens of America and won’t go too far to the extreme in ways that would cause a serious back-lash. At the same time, I think he will actually clean house in a way that many citizens have been waiting for. I don’t want to discuss politics, as there are underlying issues I want to get to, first. I pray politics, I don’t discuss 'em. In the words of King Crimson: elephant talk!

I pray He listens to God’s will and relies on God’s strength to not be swayed by any other will. Of course God’s will has our best in mind. But… do we? I pray Pres-Elect Obama does, in the face of all adversity, under God’s protection.

If you don’t like the situation… if it freaks you out… pray about it… that either God changes it… or strengthens you and others through it and sets the scene for something greater.

Happy Veterans Day.

Yea,but, over those individuals that donated 10$ here and there, there were major contributors. Granted he raised a shipload of money from the average Joes and Janes an unprecedented amount as you say, but that does not begin to cover the unprecedented amount from the big contributors. Those are the owners, the average person just helped lay the pavement and will be shunted off back to his or her place now that they did their job. How can you claim to want to help the poor and spend that amount of money? Do you realize what could have been done with that money? He could have spent a crap load less and still won. The Democrats were due to win anyhow. That man is in debt up to the top of his head. we are just so screwed, to be fair we would have been screwed if the Republicans won too. so either way we are just pawns for a game that we have no voice in.

My view has changed slightly. Politics & ethics are the SAME THING. And they’ve let the moneychangers into the temple. Some things they label “bad politics” … are GOOD THINGS. Tables/boomerangs will turn/return.