Our Infinite Universe

If matter/energy can neither be created or destroyed, how can our universe exist? visit theinfinite.ws for further discussion.

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Well! When we say that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it means that, for creating energy we need some matter and it can change form but it cannot disappear altogether although infinitesimal amounts can dissipate.

Hey! But that’s interesting, your question, “If matter/energy can neither be created or destroyed, how can our universe exist?” Man! I don’t know the answer to that. But you just gave me something to think about, many thanks! And I was just thinking that there’s nothing to think about, that is so weird. You know how we are formed because of a genetic code? Without that we cannot form, so this immediate universe of ours, let’s say it has a genetic code too, then it must have formed like we do or something similar. So, in this way, even though before the genetic code we are not anywhere, or we exist nowhere, similarly, this universe could have come from that same nowhere. But there would have to be energy of some kind for that genetic code to form. I don’t think we understand that kind of energy unless we live inside someone’s body as germs. I’m just brainstorming.

I’d like to deal the big words first i.e., infinite & exist. In the sense that matter changes, that’s easy: electrical energy can neither be created nor destroyed it simply changes form. This is all very literal but f’ck writing an essay. You eat food which “exists” in a form of energy different from went in, which inadvertently changes and so on until nitrates for the soil to start the whole process again. Is this any different from what you saying or am i just missing by (-- a distance --). And “infinite”, what are you going by the mental representation (effect) or God (cause)?



If matter is cannot be created or destroyed then how do you explain radioactivity (1896),Atoms can be destroyed and transmute as well.

after all your so called matter is made up of atoms right?

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Everyone’s heard of E=mc^2, and obviously nobody here knows what it means.

Matter-Energy is a constant in this universe. Also, matter is a condensed form of energy. Given the right circumstances, the two are interchangeable at the ratio described above. Energy(kgm^2/s^2) = mass c^2 (kg*(m/s)^2)=kg*m^2/s^2

and atoms being created or destroyed does not mean matter is being created or destroyed. radioactive decay simply means the atom’s nucleus spits out a particle or two. In some cases enough mass is converted to energy in the process to be usable, such as the cases of uranium and plutonium.

A common and fundamental theme in physics is looking for conservation laws. They do a lot to narrow down our expectations of what can and cannot happen in the universe. So far, we observe the following things to be invariant in closed systems: mass-energy, charge, momentum, nuclear spin, angular momentum (I think there is some tradeoff with nuclear spin here), gluon “color”, baryon number, boson number. These things have been observed to be constant in all closed systems, thus leading us to expect that they are constant, and have been constant in all situations.

So far this model seems to work pretty well. If we extrapolate that these are absolutes, then we can expect that whatever amount of these quantities that the universe has now, that it has always had that amount and always will have that amount. If you live in an infinite universe, then you can take the conservation to be locally true in non-interacting specific parts, and therefore true in the whole infinite part through infinite summation, but infinite universes are harder to visualize.

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Goodness me! I deleted that post of mine, it was so good? The simple answer is there has to be another REALITY that has laws differing from our universe which is why our universe can exist. This Reality must be absolute or Truth or God and it would be able to create, sustain and destroy itself of course as it would be absolute, not defined by anything else.

Good post, ASEI! As a minor correction, I’d like to add that general conservation laws apply to isolated systems, not merely closed ones.

I like your enthousiasm, but you’re getting a little carried away here if you ask me (but then again, you didn’t ask me :sunglasses: ). There is no simple answer and no claims of what HAS to exist in addition to our universe can be made. What makes you think that the universe, in its totality, is such that a human can understand it all…?

Because at the Big Bang the physical laws actually breaks down, including the conservation law. At the Big Bang point, space, time, and energy is actually created.

But energy is neither created nor destroyed yet it was once created? Doesn’t make sense to me. Where did it create itself from?

Yes it is, so actually conservation law apply some time later after the Big Bang point. At the Big Bang point, conservation law does not apply because at that time energy is actually created.

Now to the question of “who created the energy then?”. Scientists
aren’t really sure about this as Big Bang is actually still a theory and is it not really proven yet. As for what is my opinion, I believe that God created the human and universe; intelligent human and an elegant universe.

So did God created the world through Big Bang? I’m not really sure about that, but that seems to be the most plausible theory at the moment (string theorist explains it by 2 branes colliding together).

Unless you assume a God, the question of life’s purpose is meaningless.
Bertrand Russell, atheist

Nah, that’s just as good as an explanation as god. We;r getting no closer to anything. That’s the only thing we’r sure of.

im only going to say this 50 times, so listen up…existance travels in a loop. time will repeat for eternity. peace.

Contact (1997)

That movie depicts the universe perfectly to me. Theres noise but no visuals on this one part where she travels to another planet, and meets her dad who’s dead. And where else do you go when you die but a parallel place to live on. I think the universe is just this galaxy, but part of a huge parallel system of galaxy’s. Because if theres different versions of this galaxy, then that to me would be a parallel system of this galaxy. And if the universe is infinite. Then wouldn’t a parallel system be perfect to go on forever, where we don’t know (if we ever go to a different galaxy) if we’re in a perfect opposite of ours. Basically what I’m saying is having a parallel system to go to, this universe as we know it can live on forever.

String theory is for moron physicists.