Our mind

I never hear anyone ever discuss this as much as I do. Are we puppets to our own minds? Or is there really a part of us that is seperated from our brains? Thats not even a possibility is it?

I’ve argued before, what if all atheists, agnostics, and christians are all just believing because there minds believe after certain circumstances and exposures. And because of recieving these certain circumstances and exposures, there is no free will lying around in the puddle of that. You can’t pyschologically make yourself attracted to someone or unattracted to them unless you feed yourself something you believe. Why then must Christianity ask for people who don’t believe to force themselves to believe, its’ an impossibility. Unless of course you brainwash yourself, but then you know your being brainwashed so does that even work?

Are you speaking of psychological determinism? The idea that free will is the measure of all the factors that lead us down any given path.

I guess that would be it? Sounds like thats on the same page. I haven’t really looked into this idea much. Seems at first glance good arguments could be made, but this subject gets rather deep though.

Not really. There is no way around it that I can tell. It stems as deeply into physics as you can take it. Free will is an illusion, but a beautiful illusion indeed.

I read an article recently called “an argument for identity theory” that’s right along these lines. It’s short, (about 6 pages) and has a good explanation of what I think you guys are talking about. I’m gonna post it in my “post or request an article” thread if you’re interested.

We are puppets of or physical. The mind is not physical, but the brain is.

Please post that smears.

If the mind isn’t physical, what is it then? Is it nothing than the freedom to make choices?

The mind and the soul are sonomous.

…if you believe in the soul.

“we” being the physical part of us?(our body)
“mind” being the mental part of us?(our thoughts, emotions etc.)
I think you need to define your terms before we are able to answer your questions completely if your question can be completely answered.

this the cause of many neurosis’. Personality disorders, soul, schizophrenia, etc…
To materialist only the physical exists. And the mind is a product of that matter.

To dualist ; matter and a imaterial entity that lives in that matter exist.

Truthfully matter is a phantasm and just like mind , dreams, emotions, it comes from the immaterial. And most minds are lost in matter. Many minds have selected a reduced sense of themselves. And the phantasm, a thing that is not there, claims a mind.

Why? mabey because christians belive in free will. Id have thought that was obvious

The mind is a computer, and maybe the only thing sitting at it’s keyboard are the laws of physics.

If the mind is immaterial and intangible, how can it be governed by laws that strictly effect the physical?
What is your idea of mind? Where does it exist? What is it?

If anything: that just sounds really good…

have you ever had a dream where you knew it was a dream? in the dream you can do anything even break the laws of physics, a dream is completly mental you are trapped in your mind with free range, the romantics said it best imagination is limitless and the only thing that should govern your mind is your own imagination and creativity now the question are we slaves to our mind yes and no. Even though we can make concious desicions our raw emotions are only governed by our mind whether your angry sad or happy you cannot control how your gonna feel.

I would point out that if the mind is entirely a product of the physical brain and if the brain is purely governed by physical laws, and that if mathematics serves as a reasonable approximation for those physical laws there is still plenty of room for free will.

After all, what is the square root of 4? That is a very simple problem from a mathematical perspective, and it has two equally possible answers: 2 and -2. Higher-order mathematics, such as those described by differential equations, go further still and often have an infinite number of answers, though they many only have one solution.

Guess what kind of equations are used to model things like the electrochemical reactions that govern the brain.