Our pains of the mind:

Week gods.
Final destination.
Loss cycles.
Prime years.
Broken bodies.
Souls and shadows.
Freedom kills.
Expression falls.
Silent words.
Loud silance.
Contracted visions.
Vaporized prosperity.
Destructive rythms.
Chronological crimes.


I can place my belief anywhere I want to.
I can reap the rewards.
Who said the heros place their souls against the darkness?
But I had so many questions, because I had no answers.
It’s like hunger asks for food, so thoughts asks for results.
I can’t really work that way… So avatism is salvation?
No. We are nothing to begin with.

It’s not that they wanted to die, but they had to say goodbye.
Sometimes a body just feels this way:
“I got too much infection now, I’m goin’ down, and I gotta take it down with me. If this shit ever got out into anyone else’s body it’d kil them.”
Then his bloody needs turn around and face his heart. They say:
“You need others to feel you, and to know you! You need to give!”
So he has to say back:
“Yeah. I have to give. I have to give in, I have to give out. I have to give over and I have to give up. I never could choose and I just couldn’t fight what I am. Life is an array of slavery.”

…Life hurts too much after you’ve felt God.
Now I want to forget. I want to forget it all.
Memories of all good things that I cannot have – simply dance behind me, and I’d break myself just to turn back around, but life’s a one-way street. No where to go but up, up out of this world.
Don’t touch the living death with your consciousness.
It looks better then it is, every time I see it.

In the black of night, cast a circle, light five candles around your body.
Set out an image of your enemy ontop of your heart. Drink the most deadly poison you can find, right after you say:
“All my pain. My entire existence. It’s yours now. You made me this way, and now I’m going inside of you, forever! I’ll posess your corpse, your everything. You – will die every day, forever.”

Who would lay broken, and send his last bit of energy out into such an enemy?
There’s gotta be another way. Maybe some sort of childish, pure, innocent ignorance that only makes the problem worse?
God, I’m goin’ down for the last time.
No more of this…

very well done Dan , i enjoyed reading this peice very much =D> .

I didn’t enjoy reading this at all. It resonates. Oh to be normal; to be unable to see beyond the horizon.