Outcast of other outcasts

Couple days ago I managed to be banned from a satanic forum.

Go figure, right? You know you’re in a world of hurt when you become the outcast of other outcasts. I asked this quote on quote resident satanic whore to email me a picture of her tits. So what? She should not advertise herself as such if she doesn’t want the attention. Shrugs

My forum is also going nowhere so I’ve given up on it as well.

Looks like I’m stuck here at ILP when it concerns my own little internet playground. I probably won’t be here all that often because I am starting to pay more attention to school, that and because the internet is being taken over by idiots where anymore I’m finding the prospects of utilizing my time to write about things nobody appreciates to be a waste of time.

Admittedly their actions are somewhat counter to Satanism:
You are expressing yourself, however desperate and shameless that expression may be.

Hypocrites on the internet?
Say it ain’t so…

I know, that was exactly my point also, but what I am noticing is half the so called rebels in this world aren’t rebels at all, yet instead are attention seeking cowards who adopt a persona because they can’t get any other sense of self otherwise. I’m starting to believe that I am one of the few real deals still left in the world amongst a population of increasing posers. It’s very depressing… I am starting to feel like I’m a sort of rare Dodo bird that is left as a remnant of older historical bygone eras slowly becoming extincted. Sighs

If only there was a genuine group of real life nihilistic psychopaths out there that would accept me.

I Think it is hilarious that someone with her moniker took offense. I do.
But there is some rather strong irony in the sentence of yours above.
What nihilistic psychopath would give a shit if some Group accepted him?
Wanting acceptance, in that context, is just like her being offended by your request.

Alright, so for the self described or potential satanist, the website known as Satanic International is run by a pathetic attention whore poser loser by the name of Zach. It is like the Disney or PG13 brand of satanism.

Avoid that website at all costs.

Birds of a feather like to flock together.

Even Brom Stoker’s Dracula a ruthless and monsterous immortal desired companionship. It sounds of irony and even contradiction, but it isn’t.

I tend not to be convinced by fictional figures. But it is not companionship that I am commenting on, but acceptance. Psychopaths - adding in nihilist is almost redundant - are liars, so if they seemed to accept you, they don’t. By definition that acceptance would be meaningless also, since it is nto like you could then expect some kind of friendship - you would simply be someone for them to use. They tend to have aggrandized senses of self - so you would need to let them know how great they are - and this might cause some kind of addiction to you - or they will feel aggressive toward you. They will not feel obligate to stroke you about your greatness. And if they do, they have a goal, and companionship is not it. Cons without empathy. Precisely unpredicatable in relationships. IOW you cannot expect a nice time over a beer to mean the slightest in relation to how they will view you in an hour. And it does not matter if you are a psychopath also - w hich you are not, but let’s imagine you were. It’s not like ‘Oh, he’s one of us, he’s our companion.’ You’d just be Another person who they would not accept because you are not them. And if they caught on you were a psychopath, they would simply be more wary of you. The fact that you want companionship - whereas yes, a psychopath may want someone in the room, someone to use, someone to reflect back to them that they are more important and special - is part of you not being a psychopath.

It’s not like The Hell’s Angels are psychopaths. Those guys have values, hell they’re often patriotic. A few psychopaths may join, but for the most part these guys are simply violent and dislike societies rules. of course they have their own very rigid set of rules, and yes, many of them like companionship. Small scale fascists, but not psychopaths.

But you could share your yearnings here…

experienceproject.com/groups … ath/184346

Even nihilists and psychopaths have values, Moreno.

There is not a single human being alive beyond the mentally retarded that exists without some sort of values. Even I have my own values as crude as they may appear to others. Nihilists just argue that somebody else’s values shouldn’t become everybody else’s collectively or objectively. That’s really the crux of all that. Why the use of fiction as example? Just a mirror reflection of reality really.

They have preferences. But not moral values. And the latter do not need other people for companionship. Nihilists certainly can and generally do want companionship and acceptance.

Psychopaths do not have moral values.
There will never be a day when you could remotely let your guard down with a psychopath. No intimacy. If they know something about you, they will use it against you. Any information is Power over you and they want that and prioritize that over anything else. They are nearly incapable of sustainging relationships, so anything that felt like companionship would be temporary. And it would only seem like companionship. Much better off with a dog, even a snarly mean one, as long as he bonds with you. You have to really abuse a dog for a long time to make them psychopaths. and then what you have is a creature that is likely to bite you sooner or later. So with a human version. And that bite may well be manslaughter or raping your girlfriend whom you introduced to your ‘friend’ the psychopath.

Sure I Think you have values and also feel empathy for people being shit on. If you found a small Child Crying in the hallway of your apartment building it would not simply annoy you becuase of the noise it was making. A nihilist can have empathy, a psychopath cannot.

Which makes them preferences. They do not have morals.

Reality is better evidence of reality than fiction.

You paint too much of a broad narrow brush Moreno.

Preferences are a sort of values, yes. You already know my thoughts on so called morality. As for your garden variety sociopath or psychopath I think generally people fail at grasping them. I don’t believe such people are asocial the ways they’re always portrayed. Anyways…

Wasn’t really looking to make this a long expanded upon thread.

That is what the philosophical section is for, that is until somebody censors you…

No, psychopaths are characterised as having much more success than you appear to acknowledge. In honesty you are correct, but in reality this is not the effect as they are generally more than capable of learning how to appear normal (albeit not “perfectly”). More often than people might think, they uphold relationships with the best of us.

Ty, I joined the ranks as an admitting troll (they give plenty of opportunity to do so). Let us see if I am accepted enough to point out their hypocrisy - this will be interesting.

Conspiracy theorist or troll, these are the new buzz words for modern day heretics. Anything that stands in the way of modern day social progressivism or its views is the new heresy.

Well, Silhouette, since I am back to some degree here I can now reclaim the title of king troll as I am everybody’s favorite person to hate.

Nihilists have values?

Preferences in themselves are values I would argue.

Keep in mind values can be without morals.

You can have an amoral valuation on things.

I dunno how long values can go on before the morals just kinda bubble out and float to the top.

Morality and deception are two words of the same meaning.

If you’re saying deception is inevitable within organization just as it is a precursor to corruption I agree.

Of course the desire for companionship and acceptance is part of the human psyche. That’s Human nature bullshit 101.

The trick however, - is to get hopped up on so many drugs and/or alcohol, that you don’t even physically give a fuck anymore.

One thing to watch out for though, especially if you work out, is severe muscle cramping due to dehydration and who knows what else. This means that it can’t be a sporadic thing, - but must be a gradual process where you adjust to the new state of mind and perception.

Good luck dude, - being an outcast isn’t an easy task, but it can become very personally fulfilling if you learn to harness it in the right way. :happy-partydance: :happy-smileyflower:

I’m not into drugs myself. I’m actually the most sober person you’ll ever meet Duality.

I prefer natural or mental escapism as opposed to escapism through drugs and narcotics.