Outstanding Music

What makes a particular composer’s work outstanding?

I think as a composer, that putting your soul into the composition is important mostly because if you make a souless, piece of music that doesn’t flow with anything, it becomes a horrible composition.

Soul, shouldn’t you explain more on that as a philosophier?

I mean don’t just put notes and chords together without knowing the “feeling” of the sound that they produce. Like an A minor chord on the guitar sounds somewhat dark and sad. An E chord though, sounds happy. You basically have to step your way through the song and think how some of the same chords sound good together. P.S. I use Noteworthy Composer Ver.1.75 on my computer.

Go to noteworthycomposer.com and check it out! It’s an awesome program.[/url]

I use Noteworthy, too, and I’ve done a fair amount wth it, probably including some souless ones. I think the question still remains: a piece, 10 guys, 5 like, 5 dislike, then I know I’m not Van B; so what makes Van B to score up to 8 or 9 out of 10? No soul in mine? Then why I should score any at all?

Even though Van B was deaf, his pieces sounded great. But the main reason why his scores are in the 8 to 9 range because he has performed in concerts with his composititons and plus he had symphonies right in his head. That being deaf caused a sixth sense of “inter-hearing” which helped have the notes right but he had to make manuscript after manuscript until he got it right. I sometimes rush into finishing a compostion and I never try to do the song over if it doesnt sound good. Plus Beethoven was famous after he died like Van Gogh. You should to keep on composing because Beetoven got frustrated a lot so if you want a masterpiece your going to get frustrated. Just try your best.

This is slightly getting out of hands now.

So, are you basiclly saying that a lot of soul would make a composition attractive?

Lemmy’s lyrics and voice…


Whodhels Lemmy?

Lemmy is GOD


Your GOD, you mean?

Haha, Motorhead right? He’s not that great. The funeral doom metal band ‘Shape of Despair’ are the most musically talented band I’ve ever heard. Jarno Salomaa rocks my world.

Provided the musical piece is in time, rhythmic, dynamic, melodic and harmonic, if what you play makes you feel something and that feeling comes across when the piece is performed, that is what makes a piece of music outstanding in my opinion. You get the integrity that manufactured music just doesn’t seem to comprehend.

But people look for different main things in music. Some people enjoy rhythm, some people appreciate technical ability etc. But I think the underlying common theme that makes music outstanding is feeling.

Actually Beethoven only went Deaf around the seventh or eighth symphony

And, he was know as the best in Wien at his time.

Genius which is undefinable…even by its recipient.