Overrated Or Underrated?

This will be a variation on the Buy Or Sell-themed threads that are somewhat commonplace, but is basically the same thing.

To start, I will submit something; the next post will state if this thing is overrated or underrated, with an explanation purely voluntary, though encouraged, and then submit the next thing for the next person. So on and so forth until it gets boring.

To begin:



(If you had said ‘making love’ the answer would be different, but in the theme of this game we pretty much have to hold up rigid semantic walls if we want to keep some order.)

I walk down the ‘downtown’ streets at night, drunkenly eyefucking every girl that walks by. I’m pulled by this ridiculously strong urge to put my penis in a vagina. Drinks, small-talk, social politics, drinks, playing off baser primal instincts, drinks, drinks. It’s this roulette wheel we all seem to hunt with… and for what?

To go to some stranger’s place, have some sloppy sex that either usually goes too fast or too long. Occasionally you’ll just have a good time but by that time the cons from every other attempt are piling up so high you think you’re in a fucking prison. You might go at it a couple more times throughout the night, you start to sober up… she get a bit more ugly and you get a bit more hung over. All just to avoid the empty room at the end of the night.

Or there’s relationship sex. Different from making love you just go at it for the sake of it. It’s a pleasant little escape from the world… but more or less it’s just from your own neurochemical withdrawl.

Sex… that strange middle between fucking and making love where you pay with drinks, cash, or social stigmas because you like to get whipped by a dominatrix.

Next term:

MSN Messenger.


Email in overdrive. Promises ‘being there’. Illusion at best. It could be used to good purpose if everyone understood the limitations of relationship by words.

Next term:



Despite the absorbant price, despite the fact that it’s a license to conformity these things are so underrated. You can turn them into a dictionary for like a couple bucks, you can play games on them, and they hold a ridiculous amount of music for the size. I have a nano and I can take it to work for 8 hours and listen to music for pretty much the entire time without hearing a repeat song. Lightweight, portable, durable (so far), stylish, the only thing left is phone intregration to be fully complete and we’ll be all set.

Unless it breaks down I can’t see me replacing or needing to replace my Ipod for quite some time.

Next Term:

Weddings (as a guest)

I would say underrated. Although it does depend on the circumstances.

The ceremony itself is usually very long, drawn out and boring. However, the reception is usually great fun. The difference being how well you know the person getting married and how close you are to them.

If it’s someone you sort of know, like a family member you’re not close to, these can be atrocious. If it’s someone you actually care about, then being near them when they’re that happy can be a great reward. And you get free food and liquor usually.

Automated phone systems

Gotta go with underrated.

Popular consensus seems to be they’re awful; they’re the butt of many jokes, etc. But I must say, they’re pretty neat - especially the voice-recognition varieties - and are fantastic for things like paying bills over the phone. Plus, I pretty much hate talking to strangers on the phone. A lot of the time, its refreshing to call a number and find I don’t have to speak to anyone.

Next: TiVo (or: Digital Video Recorders)

I would say they’re rated. DVR and TiVo rock my socks off and into the next room, no doubt about it, but I think they recieve about as much praise as they deserve. Which is quite a bit.

Next term:
Internet pornography

Overrated - There’s simply too much of it, which means that any valuing of it has to be divided by the total amount that exists, which is stupendously large.

Next thing:

Curb Your Enthusiasm, the TV show.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is so under-rated. it is great, it’s exciting, it’s stupendous, it’s wonderful, it’s magnificant, it’s phenomenal, it’s astonishing, it’s wonderful…

oh yeah… curbed… it’s okay…

next thing:



Waterbeds are overrated. They’re obnoxious during sex, and who wants to flop around for thirty seconds after changing positions during sleep?

I will say, though, I had a motionless waterbed for a time, and that thing was awesome. I ‘sold’ it to a former roomate, but he never paid me and I eventually forgot about it. Damn, haven’t thought about that in long time - I should hunt him down.