Paedo Priests

There was another story recently about some priest in Holland (or someplace) who had admitted to abusing his young nephew and yet again the pope is reluctant in dismissing him, the guy is still a practicing priest. There have been a lot more like-cases and it was much more in the press last year when popey visited the uk and he was very reluctant in publicly condeming these guys. I wonder why. Is it cos they is catholics?

i mean, how does the church work? are the priests mediators between god and the people? i.e. god’s representatives. who they are and what they do is hallowed. thus a priest does what he does in the name of god, and is justified in doing what he does because it’s in the name of god. to bow a priest before state law is to therefore bow god before state law, and surely this would contradict god’s uberness. and this is what the pope would be doing if he publicly condemned those priests, god’s represtatives, he would be publicly condeming god! and to do that would be to expose the faith, and the church, before the laws of the secular state.

Nice summary of the age old argument. What are your thoughts about such an argument, though?
Meaning…what brought this up; what about this argument moves your spiritual emotions?

It’s not a summary, it’s a question. What does the [catholic] church, the pope, the priests, whoever, what do they represent? Is it fundamental for the church to function outside of secular law, if it bowed to secular law would this symbolically bow God to Man? Is Paedophilia a sin in the eyes of the church? They obviously wouldn’t come out and say this, but the priests go unpunished and remain in their positions - is it merely a PR crime in the eyes of the church?

FFS. I was speculating the answer. I am not familar with the workings of the church. Hence my OP is a question.

Well, you won’t find the Church perspective here.
You’ll find some leads here though: … _responses