Pagan matriarchal theocracy

Is that video real?

That is creepy man, and disgusting.

Yes, of course. Do you want such a creepy and digusting “society”, such a creepy and digusting “humanity”, such a hell?

That video is real? Someone in the comments said it was an ad or something… but it looks pretty real to me. No, I already know how to fix it, but people don’t want to.

That video is real. You are right.

That’s fucking disgusting man.

I guess you don’t want more videos, man.

People like that aren’t people, that’s not a human, that’s a machine. That’s insanity and conformed extremism.

This is what we need.

Is the SCUM Manifesto satire or not?

It’s not unclear why she did it, she did it so she could be infamous, so she could get attention to this disgusting extremism. That’s what it looks like anyways.

The shooting of Warhol that is

The video is a promo for a theater show.

Is it real feminism or satire?

That’s what someone on the video said as well, that it was a promo.

Not sure, either way it’s bad. Satire/irony are a form of insanity. These are not jokes, there are serious issues that should be addressed as such. Regardless of if the video is satire, it’s disgusting and disturbing to even think about. The very idea of it is inhumane.

Women are just as brutal as men. This is not a sex or nationality problem, this is a human problem. Labels for humans do nothing but cause more confusion. Language should be redefined, as well as it’s usage.

That is no promo, no satire, no irony. Read Solanas’ or other “femninistic” books or watch more “feministic” videos. “Feminism” is the same terrible, horrible totalitarianism that we have been knowing for so long.

To say that were “promo”, or “satire”, or “irony” is a bad, mad, evil rhetoric in order to define down and to play down the reality of that terrible, horrible “feminism” (sexism as racism).

If we do not defend ourselves against that evil development their dreams will come true: all males will be killed.

All you have to do is release truth. Truth that they are extremists, delusional, insane and the like.

Truth is similar to a lion trapped in a cage, you release the lion. The Lion will defend itself.

I hope your avatar will awaken the threatened humans!

First is awareness, then acceptance. Even if people do become aware, they still have to accept it, which is the hardest part.

You have the most annoying, distracting avatar in ILP history. Please change it.

The flower of life and geometry of all is annoying? Or is it the flashing that is annoying? or perhaps the color of earth/flower that is annoying?

The strobing is annoying. All animated avatars are PITAs.

If you find me something better i’ll change it, took a while to re-size it specifically for an avatar.

If I find you something better???

What’s wrong with using just one image from that GIF?