Pagan matriarchal theocracy

What are they doing?

No one?

Lighting a fire, while woman carrying a sickle speaks.
She uses the sickle to kill a man wearing a white robe.
Men and women in costumes walking in a maze drawn on the grass.
Finally, everyone runs in the maze.

Is this a rhetorical question?

Nice self-referential paradox, Gib.

Thank you.

No, I wanted a visual description.

That’s the opening ceremony to the Mercia gathering, a huge camp they hold every September.

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Grow up, 3Sum.

I should have said: Was that a rhetorical question.

Maia, I just remembered, you’re blind. That’s why you’re asking. :mrgreen:

Shit, no wonder I keep bumping into stuff.

I wonder if blind people are more spiritual on average? Odin gave one of his eyes for wisdom, and Samson grew closer to God after Delilah plucked his eyeballs out. Perhaps they’re more solipsistic on average too? They’re a little closer to being a Brain in a vat. In touch with and enamored by absolutes and consciousness itself, as opposed to the perceptible world. So much of our connection with the world, for mankind, is visual, it’s our primary sensory faculty after touch, I would think. We rely on sight more than sound, smell and taste.

Maia, how do you read what we’re posting? Do you have some kind of voice emulator software?

That’s what made me interested in philosophy, the different ways people have of perceiving the world. I find it fascinating.

Yes, a screen reader called JAWS for Windows.

The reason I got into philosophy was to make people perceive things my way, to give humanity a single, revolutionary, (nearly) perfect way of seeing things. However, the older I get, the more I appreciate diversity in human cognition, perception and interpretation. I’m even less rigid with my own mind, I now give myself plenty of room to trim the hedges and make way for new ones, sort of speak, if need be. If anything, I now believe the reverse, I believe in micro-revolutions to counteract the new world order, rather than a macro-revolution.

I’ve never had a strong enough view of things to want to influence anyone. Perhaps that is changing now.

So Maia, what is going on in the video–I mean, beyond the obvious surface description?

I’m not sure exactly. It’s the opening ceremony for the Mercia gathering, a camp that takes place every year.