Painfully Obvious

I am the troglodyte in the Kings Palace

How fugly!

It’s not a pretty sight.

You’re eating your vomit and just while it slips from your mouth you look at me with your glassy eyes and lustly inform me:

What, what?

I fart in your general direction…

Don’t ask me to praise you for that. Stinks like shit.

Are you still here?


What are you looking at? Just open the fucking window. You don’t need some fresh air?

I can’t hold my breath forever.

What’s with the jagged attitude, Rewucki?

[size=59](You must be someones East European AlterEgo) [/size]


The king is the six of the rolling dice.

Do not let his false glory injur your ego.

Look outside at the billions of stars.

Each one of them does not brag.

They do not show off.

They do not pester you.

If you walk outside naked,
They do not laugh.

Being is an unpraised art.

Things greater are beyond,
Never to stoop low and play the games which waste time.

Build up a sense of self-beauty.
Build up more self-respect.

Stroke the ego.
Touch the ego.
Hold the ego close.

Make it grow.
Make it happy.
Make it strong.

Antil it doesn’t doubt itself anymore.

And recieve all love precieved from here.