Paint Collection (+ some PS) 1

I just realized I have way too many of these. Thats only through D. More to come if you like them. Comments appreciated.

These ones are pretty cool, you have a unique style, stick with it.

i really like this one. i’m not sure what it makes me think of but it’s really cool.

I honestly prefer the ‘Paint’ images rather than the PS “enhanced” images. Simple effects cannot convey meaning, only meaning can. Eschew these effects and continue upon the path of your expression, because it is quite interesting.

Thanks for sharing!

Mr. Kebop,

Yeah, the house is probably one of my favorite also. Thanks for your interest.

creation imperfect,

That one makes me feel useless and alone.


I will keep that in mind. I have plenty more in MS Paint that I’ll be sharing soon.

I very much like this one. There’s a real frantic energy to it and almost a pop art kind of feel. This reminds me of someone’s work, but I can’t think of who… I’ll have to sit with it for a while and it will come to me I’m sure.


^ That is the last one I would have chosen :S it makes me think of the second quote in my sig :confused: Great art is truly subjective I guess; I’ve sat down for hours struming the same chord, while my neighbours must have thought my mind snapped. I think I would have been quite fond of the one Creation Imperfect mentioned, if it were a painting


Thanks for the interest. That one is my favorite (and you are right on about it being frantic). It was sort of a quiet explosion of all these trapped feelings, I really didn’t know what I was making.

and now…pt 2

I love the man and his shaddow. I like them all but the man and his shaddow is my best.



creation imperfect, again I am delighted by your artwork. Thanks for continuing on this vein, hopefully you have more to share.

I personally like the staircase and the… I think it’s a man on a table, or a man being dissected. Simplicity really captivates me, I often find myself minimalizing everything in my own work. Music in clicks and bleeps, muting colors and wittling down palette’s, choosing words that say more than they are.


I like the man and his shadow best, and I like the sunglasses one too.

Thanks for the support. I’ll put up a few more soon.

Pt 3

More to come.

Awesome! It reminds me of something you’d see on from the hubble space telescope or something. I really like it.