paranormal tv

hi. my tv switched itself on last night. has this ever happened to you? i think that when i switched it on i saw my face on it too. i know this doesn’t sound good and it is not a joke. i take some weird medication, and i’ve been under a lot of stress lately, what with killers after me and stuff, so i think it could be a hallucination, which is also not good. imagine you start hallucinating and nothing you see around you is real anymore, like, you think someone is smiling at you and meanwhile they are frowning at you, stuff like that? It must be messed up weird, i am quite scared for that. I know that when Whitney Housten hallucinated she saw demons and stuff. Man, am i scared or what. has any of you ever hallucinated?

I have while on magic mushrooms and also while on ketamine.

It was a Sunny day and the cloud was brillant white and I could see the smoke of the cloud shift in its form. It looked like a horse calloping in a perfect slow motion.

The brain’s desperation for pattern can find it with a minimum of clues. It can easily “see” a pattern where there isn’t one.