Passionately wildly attracted to someone & being Lovers.

Was there someone in your life that you were unbelievably wildlly passionately attracted to ? Did the attraction fade away or what happened there?

Also what do you think about being lovers with someone? I mean if there was a person you were UNBELIEVABLY attracted to but couldnt have a relationship with them because you were incompatible, what do you think of being strictly lovers with that person with no strings attached if she was willing for it to be so?

Thoughts? Opinions?

Oh. Well. You know how Socrates liked little young boys? Umm . . .


There’s nothing wrong with fuck buddies.

I was a lover to someone once, we weren’t " fuck buddies’ because we didn’t take it that far. He was such a brilliant man, and rambled on to me about the philosophy of our relationship and why should our love need an answer, it just is, and on and on with his beautiful way of arranging words. I was charmed, and I still have feelings for him, but I wouldn’t recommend it, it only left me heart broken in the end.

Yes and no. lol

I have been that attracted to someone, and it doesn’t fade… at least not yet. You can displace the feelings, or attempt to compensate for them… but I think they linger until they are replaced.

And no, still have the v-card. The mere point that I want more than just raw animal lust out of sex has kept me from those relationships. I know a VERY nice Polish girl who would be quite ‘friendly’, but with a lack or relationship it isn’t going to happen for me. Antiquated… yes; hard… yes; but I think it will be worth it.