Patriot Act Expires- Will it be renewed?

I hope not! :astonished: Many elements of the Patriot Act are draconian breaches of our constitutional rights. No amount of “safety” is worth that. It was passed out of fear, but hopefully clearer heads will prevail and the Act will not be renewed.

Does anyone here want it renewed? Obviously this doesn’t really apply to US foreign policy, only domestic civil rights, so it really only applies to Americans. But don’t let that stop any foreigners from chiming in, anyway. :wink:

An act that streamlines information sharing among the government investigatory branches and deals with the threat of new technologies used in crime, can’t be all that bad, right?

Things to consider:

Why has the Justice Department refused to give us any information on their specific uses of certain of the Act’s most controversial provisions? Are they hiding something?

Why are so many local government’s placing limits on the scope of the Act?

Why has the 4th amendment’s probable cause and notice requirements been bypassed in many searches? Doesn’t the government like the 4th Amendment?

And for me, most important: Why is there so little judicial or independant review of particular searches? Why does this act go out of its way to remove independant/judicial intervention in the areas of warrants and searches? (Review in the sense of an independant review of the facts that justify an intrusive search on a citizen.)

Which brings me to my last question: Do we really want to treat immigrants as if they have no rights at all?

Think for a moment…the attempt to get Bush out of office failed. What does that tell you about our representatives?

That’s neither here or there, Sage…47% of the country, 97% of Hollywood actors, and Mike Moore tried to get Bush out of office. The sitting Congress didn’t. If you care to read the congressional record, you’ll find that Donkey’s gleefully joined Elephants in ramrodding the PatAct thru. Funny how an act of wanton barbarism like the 9/11 bombings elicits a lemming-like desire among the masses to line up and toss their civil liberties in the shitter. :unamused:

This time, both parties are taking a step back. The far reaching Patriot Act was passed in a moment of national fear, but there’ve been no new attacks in the last few years. People are begining to feel the boogey man isn’t under the bed anymore. And people are actually reading the damn thing and seeing all the things it does. For instance, what if you’re an FBI agent and you want to tap someone’s phone and don’t wanna fuck around with probable cause or a warrant, but the darned Constitution says you can’t? Don’t worry! The Pat Act says YOU CAN! :astonished: All you need is the unfounded and uncorroborated speculation that the subject is a terrorist, or played one on TV! Hell, or even if he’s just an Arab. And that’s just the tip o’ the iceberg.

Oh well- we’ll just have to watch it unfold.

yes, nothing to see here move along.

or is there?

you can be a true majority and solve the issue.