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Hello All,

I decided that I was going to start a blog, but I didn’t want to deal with the hassle. Instead, I’m going to put my blog on this site, in this thread, so please feel free to respond to any entries.

August 1st, 2010:

“Late Night at Wal-Mart”

At about 2:00a.m. on August 1st, 2010, I went into Wal-Mart to pick up some items for the breakfast at the hotel. Wal-Mart is a very interesting place during the first early morning at the beginning of the month because it is literally minutes after the Ohio Food Stamp Cards get re-charged. The pace is frantic, the people nasty, and you can almost smell the hunger coming off of these people, because as you know, people on Food Stamps aren’t smart enough to budget their (read: my) money and spend the last week of every month starving.

Anyway, the usual crowd is in. People coming up to the parking lot in 1990 Chevy Astro vans with six or seven kids piling out of the back, young unemployed couples who smell like they haven’t bathed since the Y2K scare. Of course, the women there are awesome too, disgusting, greasy women with their fat guts hanging out of under-sized T-Shirts. Now, I understand when a person shops at Goodwill or the Salvation Army store they might not be able to find shirts that are exactly their size, but one would think they would err on the side of covering it up.

Walking into the store, the first thing I see is some couple making out just inside the entrance with the girl pushed up against the row of shopping carts. These people have no decency whatsoever, I think, It’s not like they won’t be at home to do this the other 29 days of this month. I glance over to the check-out lanes to see that these people are spending my tax dollars on Doritos, Pepsi, packs of candy bars, $20 shrimp rings, (at least that’s somewhat healthy) and many other goodies like Twinkies and Swiss Cake Rolls which are sure to help them get in shape and back to work, if they ever worked in the first place.

At this point, I’m already tired of observing, so I stare towards the floor as I make my way over towards the produce section. Interestingly enough, there are more apples stocked on this day than any other early morning I’d been to Wal-Mart in the last couple of weeks. Suddenly, I heard a voice from nearby say, “Hey man, how’s it going.”

Somehow I knew the person was talking to me, so I looked up and it was this guy named Kirk. Fantastic, I thought.

“Hey Kirk,” I responded, “What’s going on.”

“Nothing, man,” he replied, “Just hanging out. Do you work at that hotel up there?”

“No, I just like this shirt,” I stated deadpan, “I’m just messing around. I manage the hotel, what are you into these days?”

“I’m not into anything, just looking for a job ever since you fired me from the call center.”

(Looking for a job, that was over three years ago!)

“I’m sorry to hear you haven’t found anything yet,” I offered.

“Yeah,” Kirk’s voice took a sarcastic note, “You’re supposed to be eligible for re-hire at the call center after sixty days, but they told me you stamped and signed my file not eligible for re-hire.”

“I did that,” I responded, “You cussed out a customer.”

Kirk countered, “I only actually said one cuss word.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, “But, that one cuss word was you calling an elderly woman a bitch.”

Kirk argued, “She was a bitch.”

“Dude, I don’t know if she was a bitch or not, she was an old woman. All she did was interrupt you once during your presentation, but I understand. It’s an aggravating job, especially on days when you are not selling well.”

Kirk replied, “You still didn’t have to fire me.”

“Yes, I did. I was monitoring the call, and it was during a recording session. I have to turn the recordings in so they would have fired you anyway, and they would have fired me for not firing you first!”

“You still didn’t have to put that on my file.”

“Listen, you could have just hung up on her. At least the company has deniability if all you do is hang up on someone, bad connection, something like that. I could have just put you on your final warning. The truth is, even if I were so inclined not to fire you, you’d have been terminated two weeks later for low performance.”

Kirk shot back, “Their sales goals are impossible.”

I responded, “The goal is to average ten sales, that’s a little much. The average rep on that program averages eight sales a day; you averaged three sales a day and your best day ever was five. You couldn’t sell because you lack patience and impulse control, you also give up too easily.”

“Whatever dude,” said Kirk, “Good to see you.”

“Listen,” I offered, “I’m not trying to be an asshole. The thing is, you’re a smart enough guy. I don’t think you’re an idiot, but you did an idiotic thing. You won’t find a job if you are not looking, so look, the hotel’s number is in the phonebook, use me as a reference wherever you apply and I’ll tell a few white lies for you. Just get serious, man, you have two kids who I am sure would love to go to the zoo, see some animals, maybe see a movie in theater before it comes out on cable, go to the waterpark, I don’t know. Anyway, have a good night, take care of yourself.”

Leaving Kirk, I made my way over towards the back where the milk is. I noticed a few women who looked like they’d been sleeping outdoors for the last few weeks checking out clothes and thought, since when can you buy clothes with foodstamps? I got the milk and made my way back to the check-out lanes without further incident.

I picked the line closest to me because both lanes that were open had big orders waiting to be scanned. You see, these people spend all of their shopping money and get groceries for the entire month so they don’t have to leave home again, it’s probably for the best.

After fifteen seconds or so, a lady with dirty blonde hair, which is not to suggest her hair was a specific shade, just that her hair was both blonde and dirty, stops her cart right behind me and nearly takes out my ankles in the process. She stated:

“You must like apples.”

(Why the fuck is this nasty bitch talking to me?)

“They’re for the hotel, they’re part of the breakfast.”

“So, you don’t like apples?”

“I didn’t say that. Apples are fine, I only said that these apples are for the hotel.”

“That’s good,” she replied, “It’s important to eat healthy.”

(Fuck, who knew this nasty bitch was a dietitian?)

“Yeah, I guess it is.”

“Working at a hotel must suck.”

(You would think working any job, in general, sucks.)

“Actually, I manage it. It doesn’t suck, it’s a pretty good job.”

“My last job sucked…”

(When did you last work, fifteen years ago, baby-sitting for your sister or something?)

“…I was a dancer.”

(Surprise, surprise)

“Oh,” I responded.

“Yeah, I did that for a few years.”

(Why are you telling me this? Can’t you see my wedding ring? Even if I was single and we were the last two fucking people on the face of the fucking Earth, the human race just ain’t that important to me, sorry. Fuck, I wouldn’t even be seen in public with someone like you if I wasn’t a captive to someone in front of me buying $468.72 worth of fucking Cheetos!)

She continued, “I got fired for punching some bitch out. Those bitches just can’t mind their own business, or I wouldn’t have had to do that…”

(Thank God the line’s moving.)

“…See, she was running her mouth about my boyfriend…”

(By boyfriend, do you mean pimp?)

“…and I just wasn’t having it that day.”

I responded, “Oh.”

I cheerfully greeted the cashier, and dragged the conversation out as long as possible. The stripper trash become welfare trash butted into the conversation, “So, what’s your name?”


“That’s a weird name,” she said.

“Yeah, it’s British, my Mom was from Venice, just outside London.”

“I would like to go to a different country,” she said.

(Yeah, me too.)

The cashier gave me the total after what seemed like an eternity, and I paid and turned to my stripper friend, “I’m all done here, pleasure’s been all yours, have a good night.”

“Yeah, you too,” she said.

(It’s getting better, I thought.)

Twenty minutes after I had walked into Wal-Mart, I was walking out. I decided that I was going to buy enough breakfast stuff for three nights on the next to last day of every month from now on.

Pav, only you could make a trip to Walmart so entertaining. A little hard on your fellow shoppers though, aren’t you? But I suppose you don’t see the crème de la crème in Walmart at 2am. :slight_smile:

This did make me laugh:

Glad to see you writing!

Thank you for the compliments, Anita! Usually, I just kind of smile to myself and go about my business, not nearly as sarcastic, but I was really tired last night, so I kind of wanted to capture that feeling with the above post.

I’m warming up, around October I plan to start working on the novel again.

Good stuff Pav. Though I get the feeling that you should never take a firearm with you to walmart during your shopping sprees, the way you were describing the ‘unjobbed’ reminded me of Dawn of the Dead.

I kinda found myself siding against you there Pav… I had a hard time feeling sorry for how you were inconvinenced by having to share a space with peolpe who were worse off than yourself, and who had the balls to actully adress you…


Hey Pav,

Good stuff, but a wee bit harsh. For writer emphasis, good stuff. It’s hard in a PC world to just be in a mood and let it hang out. Great descriptions of the people who have given up and are now the living dead.

Yeah… people just don’t appreciate it enough when you honestly tell them about having a bad day and deciding to take it out on those who were already in bad shape, right Tent? :evilfun:

What has the world come to… :unamused:

The people Pav described are, for the most part, people who have made some really bad choices somewhere along the line and have given up on themselves. This isn’t to say there aren’t people who are in tough shape through no fault of their own. Pav could describe them as well, but he didn’t. His focus was on the moochers, the people who have already lost the game of life and refuse to lie down and quit breathing our air. This isn’t a lack of compassion, but a comment on a system of compassion being used and abused.


I just had to… :wink:

Of course they are! It’s the bums we DONT actually meet that are the ones who ended up like that through no fault of their own… the ones we meet all had it coming and so we don’t need to spare them any compassion!

Yeah… cuz living off of food stamps is awesome! Who wouldn’t want to be at the bottom of society if you get free food? Shit… sign me up! I’ll quit work today and live like a king! :banana-dance:

Let’s stop feeding the bums! Force them to do crime JUST to get cought and go to jail where they can get some food… hmm… no? ok… let’s not feed the prisoners either… hell… let’s not waste our money on prisons! Let’s just shoot the fucks and use the chemicals in their bodies to make all sorts of products we can sell. At least they’ll be of some use to society that way!

Our compassion isn’t doing us any good with these people, they never pay us back, totally abusing our generosity! :evilfun:

Sounds like a plan to me. :smiley: Just as long as we preserve the social net for those who have been blinded-sided by misfortune, are mentally or physically incapable - in short, the compassionate reasons for the creation of the system in the first place.

Hmmmm, last I heard, the chemicals, minerals, and metals in the body wasn’t worth more than a few dollars. Why not use them as guinea pigs for scientific research? Then PETA would have less to bitch about…

Fuck that! That covers pretty much all the leeches out there! They keep saying stupid shit like, “there are fewer jobs than people out there” and “It’s not my fault that I’m not as smart as the other guy who got the job” when in fact it is their own fault! They could just have chosen to be smarter or at least more emotionally balanced people… Those were all choices they made, cuz they wanted to get free food! those bastards! :angry:

As for physically impaired people… pffft… look at Hawking! if he can do it so can they!

Sounds like you’re applying for a job. Tell the recruiter how you’ll know the deserving from the moochers and you’re a shoo-in for the job! =D>

Time to get away Pav :laughing:

Get away from here:


and take a trip on this:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

We’re all mooching off of the lower class… And deserving has nothing to do with anything.
Some guy buys allot of material pays you to make something from that material, which he then sells for allot more than he payed you… even though you did all the “work” he only gives you 20% of the cut.
and if you don’t like it, you can live off food stamps! You fucking leech! :evilfun:

It’s awesome! :banana-dance:

:laughing: :laughing: Pav! Get in here and save capitalism! :laughing: :laughing:

From what? I’m not a rebel man!
I love this crap!

My worry is eating TOO MUCH… I actually pay people to let me lift weights and do hard work JUST so I can look good and presentable when I tell the bums that I’m better than them!

I love it!

I’m all for Capitalism! :wink:

Damn, I certainly can’t argue with the response my blog has gotten so far.

Nice. I’m honestly OK with the whole situation for the most part, it is what it is. Truth be told, some of these people are reasonably intelligent, so perhaps if they showed a bit more initiative they’d have my job and I’d be holding down two part-time jobs to avoid being on Food Stamps!

I understand your position. The main purpose of this blog was to fire off some one-liners that I thought of with respect to the way these people present themselves. These are just the things I think about some of these people, not really a matter of convenience or inconvenience, just how I feel about some of them. Like I said, mostly this was just a vehicle for snappy sarcasm.

But, getting serious for a moment:

Kirk (whose name was changed for the purpose of the blog) is an actual guy and that’s a conversation I really had with him. The thing about it is, the guy really is smart enough that he could probably do some kind of entry-level management at a gas station or something, at the very least. He just doesn’t want to do anything that takes any sort of effort. The guy has an impulse control problem too, but he really could have been a decent seller on that program he was on if he wanted to. You’ll notice that him not being eligible for re-hire is not his fault for cussing an old lady, but rather my fault for stamping and signing that on his file. It wasn’t him that had a choice other than calling an elderly woman a bitch; it was me that had a choice to leave him go ahead and be eligible for re-hire.

As far as living off of food stamps is concerned, they don’t just get free food. In Ohio and West Virginia, many of them get free housing, free health care, utilities paid (usually part of the housing) and all of that kind of shit. They don’t care about bettering themselves because they know there is a few years of struggle (Basically working to be no better off than they are now) before they have anything over and above what they have now, so it’s not worth the sacrifice to them.

If you look at February of this year, which was the worst winter month this area has ever had, I got a $450 electric bill in March. (My place is heated with electric) It’s like, fuck, how am I going to pay this? I’m going to have to call Bank of America and see if they’ll let me defer a car payment. (They did, but not without some arguing) The car payment I deferred was on the car that I need to get to work, which I bought new because my other car’s (only six years old) engine gave up the ghost and I didn’t have three grand cash. I needed something with a warranty. So, I had an electric bill that I could only pay because I deferred a car payment because my tax refunds hadn’t come yet and I OWE the state money anyway even though I’m getting federal back.

How the fuck do I owe the State money when people that don’t work don’t even have an electric bill to worry about? How do I owe the State money when my (personal, my family is fully covered) health insurance is hospitalization only so I can save a few bucks? And I owe these people money? I’ve not given them enough money? I’ve already fed an entire family for at least four months!

Anyway, there are many people who find themselves in an unfortunate position through no real fault of their own, probably moreso than there have been in recent years given the recession. At the same time, though, there are people who choose to live that way because they are lazy. Typically, you can tell the former from the latter, even though one does make mistakes sometimes. That’s why I included the dialogue when mentioning people specifically, though.

Thanks, Tentative. It was kind of harsh, but it was really meant to be more funny than anything.


No dude… that’s just what you tell yourself because it helps you shift the blame.
No one chooses to be at the bottom… no one. But how long can you last there before you are forced to ACCEPT it?

They could of course beat themselves up over how pathetic their lives are day in and day out and fight real hard to make something of themselves, but given their surroundings and opertunities in life they are more likely to get depressed and off themselves (which, I take it you would think was preferable) than actually succeed.

Holy shit dude! You’re blaming the lower class for taking YOUR money? REALLY?
Look at the distribution of wealth in your country and then tell me… where’s the money going?

So how about you find those “out of luck” people some work, and when every single on of them is taken care of and there is a LACK of workforce, THEN you can come bitch about how these clowns are not doing what is needed of them!

This attitude towards the lower class seems to be a uniquely american thing… though it seems to be spreading…

I spent a year with these kinds of people trying to find them jobs or getting them into schools ect… Yeah… watching them fail again and again made me want to hate them too… and tried real hard to somehow shift the blame over to them… but that’s not how it works and we both know it. People don’t have magical souls that are either inherently lazy or evil or any such thing… They have learnt behavior, history and a shit load of circumstances they adapt to. Those people who have given up they don’t need to get shot, insulted or even shunned, as though it was in their “nature” to be worthless… they need to get re-located to an enviroment that encurages them to develope goals for themselves, and allows them the opertunites to accomplish said goals. And that’s assuming there are jobs to be had that no one else who is better off wants! Which is almost NEVER the case anyway.

You’re a great writer, though. Sorry for getting all political and serious on your ass… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s funny, the situation with the unemployed is not unlike the POW mentallity, here you have a bunch of people who through circumstance have come to be a burden upon the society which hosts them. The governing body would like to make them vanish, preferably by assimilating them into the workforce, but also in its darker dreams by shooting them.

You can come over as bleeding heart as you like, but Pav works like a frenzied lemur to support his family, and they, yes yes I used the ‘they’ word, get the freebies. Dis is no fair.

No-fun money again.