Peace of mind

To truely be able to contemplate the indubitable nature of the world, one must be able to realize that he is wrong, wrong in all aspects of his life and will continue do be wrong throughout the rest of it.

This is extremely hard for one to understand for we grow up learning for ourselves what the world is with the influence of those we grow up with.

These thoughts then become imbedded in our minds as the one true reality, you can say you are open minded but you are inexeribly biased.

I will post later because there is more I would like to say, only respond if you are serious about the subject please.

it certainly is necesary to allow for the possibility that we have made mistakes in our beliefs, because it is theoretically possible that i have ever made a mistake and accepting the possibility is the first step towards finding it. but there are some things that you can definetely be right about.

two things that i believe with extreme prejudice is that my neighbor has to be treated like me and that god intended for my dick to insert into vaginas.

one thing we cant say is wrong is the inexplicable good feelings that we have. it feels good to fuck, and it feels good to surprise people with your sacrificial goodness, tingly spine good. you just cant argue with that

all the other things you might biasedly believe, such as jesus died with a payload of all future sins that rose up and exploded into the sun or any non-muslim is essentially evil, yeah you are a shnook and you need to open your mind asap.

I appreciate your post, but think about your life as a whole, not your neighbor, not how good it feels to fuck, but take a step back… Why have we lived our whole lives in preperation for a dream that exists only in the world that mankind created.

Is the purpose of ones life to get rich? Become famous? Or in fact all that we have is the infinite universe in which none of our trifles make a difference… when blackness sucumbs the life you lived, the people youve fucked, and how nice you were to your neighbor, what will you have?

We may make a difference in the world so that future generations will know for what they live, yet the same principle occurs. Perhaps our lives are truly nothing for a minute and a year are one of the same within infinite. Perhaps the only thing we truly have to look forward to is in fact nothing.

It makes you wonder why you sit in your chair, why you go to a job you dislike and actually, why we even live. (although I am not religiously affiliated) I know ‘God’ has a plan for you, but infinite can only last so long, where will even his trifles be when consiousness is merely a spiraling figment in nothingness?

Hence the name of my post ‘Peace of Mind’ because with it, none of these questions need be asked, much less answered, because you understand tha you are that speck upon a giants toe, that minute within infinite which is in fact a second to begin with.

Thank you for takibng the time to read this, if you have

One cannot live a fruitful life always questioning wether or not you are ever right. It’s down right depressing.

Like in your post below you mention those you’ve fucked, those you’ve known etc. They mean nothing to you because of this view you’ve fallen into.

so the way I see it, there is no peace of mind. A peaceful mind is a mind disconnected from this grand experiment called life. That doesn’t mean meditation to seperate oneself is useless, it means that seperating yourself permanently is pointless, and makes you something other than human. (not a good something.)

no the purpose is not to get rich, some think that’s a good side effect, and rich people will tell you that they are happier than poor people because all of their needs are being met. the truth is, they are just hopping the islands of happiness much faster.

Life is life being out in the ocean with a raft, and you are paddling towards the island in the distance thinking it will make you happy. You get there you are happy, then realize that you have become bored with it like last weeks lunch. So you leave the island onto your boat, and heading towards your next island of happiness. The difference between you and the rich man is that they’ve got a speed boat. and they usually become bored with people and things much quicker.

learn to be content with what you have and you will know true happiness.

A of W, you party-pooper you know that i want to post on all of your forums and you know i can’t be serious so i shan’t say anymore. so ha