Peak consciousness

Almost the only think sustaining the continued upward progress of ideation and imagination powers is the past inertia of these things. They tend naturally to augment and spread themselves by their nature as reality-disclosing and reality-potentiating forces, as creativities. A major factor in this tendency has been the relative openness of the world with regard to the behavior and especially valuation of individuals, and with regard to the potential propagation of memes, science, art and culture.

Because the process itself is rarely elevated to a conscious intention, rather because intention itself emerges as a consequence of the process tendencies, we may be faced someday with the peak of the process-- a highest level of forward acceleration and then a reversal of the inertia of progress. Note that this progress of consciousness will tend to mirror but not be synonymous with other more obvious forms of progress, such as science and technology.

If enough pressure in the form of either friction or constriction of space-potential were exerted in the present then the inertia might subside, and gravity take over. If this happens then the inertia will possibly reverse its direction, maybe permanently or for the foreseeable future.

All the more reason to learn to make intention conscious, and to create one’s own memes and influences that both counteract growing pressures of friction and constriction in the present as well as develop more consciousness-dependent connections within the architectures of the present that do not overly rely upon implies past accelerations.

Does elevating it to a conscious intention free it from those factors bubbling below that are unconscious? If so, how? IOW aren’t the values and biases going to decide how one evaluates memes and even which one notices and takes seriously? I am not saying it is not possible, just trying to see how you conceive of these things. Another way to put this is how do your refute the current ‘consciousness is just Another non-causal quale’ tendency in some parts of the philosophical and neuroscience World? It sound a bit like an extrication from past causes.

Hey maybe you’re right, MM. And maybe we’re the peak.
In that case it’s pretty important to create memes, plaster the walls of reality with out insights.

After all we’re the first philosophers on this internet-thing. For real, we’re the very first.
You, me, James, some other people. Can’t leave out Pezer.

Parodites doesn’t count, he’s writing books.

No, of course he counts.

So does Sauwelios. He got me gathered around this campfire.

I am listing the guys I respect as philosophers
(not as thinkers, let alone humans, friends)

Bill. Fucking Bill, I wish you’d have known this guy.
They erased all his fucking posts on hilldevilhill. Nazi’s

I don’t think it’s very easy to be more conscious than I am.

When I was in New York, a guy I was in filmschool with said: “stop being so fucking conscious”.

Couldn’t accommodate him.

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