Peak Oil, 9-11, And The Petroleum Wars

As you all know from my previous controversial thread in the natural sciences section I am a firm proponent of the global catastrophe awaiting to happen worldwide known as peak oil.

I have another theory that revolves around the subject of peak oil but can only be described as conspiracy in that all I have to show for is a lot of guess work and intuitive reasoning.

In the early 2000’s a lot of reports were floating around that peak oil worldwide was a bigger problem than what a lot of world governments originally thought.

There was panic and a lot of questioning or posturing by politicians everywhere as to what was the next recourse would be to alleviate such scarcities worldwide.

What then happened on September 11th 2001 that nobody expected was alleged terrorist attacks which took place on the United States.

What is the significance of 9-11-2001 with peak oil?

Well think of it this way before 2001 the United States was aware of peak oil but didn’t have much means to do anything about it where something like 9-11 was the necessary event needed in order to militarily expand into the very rich petroleum middle east. The event became the necessary political excuse to jump start a international military campaign.

I certainly believe that 9-11 was a staged false flag event on the United States population in order to start such a aggressive international military expansion.

Eleven years later where are we? Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Uganda.

We also have missles hitting targets into Yemen and Somalia.

Then there is a CIA supported coup d’etat in both Syria and Egypt as it is well known that the Arab spring is well funded by the United States.

What is next? A allied invasion of Iran by Israel and the United States?

The story constantly being sold by the United States is that the military is intervening in all those countries on the behalf of humanitarian aid and fighting against international terrorism.

Who anymore believes in this bullshit?

Do you know what a lot of Africa and the middle east has in resources? Crude oil.

Why don’t we just call these expansive wars for what they are?

All the military campaigns in Africa and the middle east by the United States amounts to nothing more than aggressive petroleum wars.

End of the story!

Interesting sweetheart this is the smartest thing you’ve written so far.

Well, I could care less if the whole shit goes up in smoke, I’ve got nothing to lose.

You’ve basically added conspiracy theory, or fact, to peak oil theory, well done, my thoughts exactly, capitalism isn’t to blame, neither is socialism to blame, humans are, we’re incompetent, we make a mess of everything we put our fingerprints on. Best not to touch anything, lest we fuck the whole earth up.

We bit off more than we can chew with this oil thing, we got greedy, and now we’re paying the price. We tend to dive headfirst into things, without fully understanding their implications. Instead of experimenting and testing, contemplating pondering, we tend to rush head first into things, particularly our race, European man. Some say we’re to change too slowly, but I think peak oil and our modern technological economy suggests otherwise. This is the danger of the Promethean fire, knowledge without wisdom. As soon as man invents a seemingly more convenient and efficient way of doing thing, we jump on it, without exploring the potential adverse affects.

Human beings must adapt, change and grow, for this is our unique strength, but it is also our unique weakness. We must engineer and reconstruct our environment in order to survive, as we are naked without natural and social technology, but we must do so carefully, cautiously. We must count the cost and not lose sight of the life we’re giving up, the grass is not always greener on the other side, and progress is not a guarantee. Creation cannot happen without destruction. There is no birth without blood, no imaculate conception, and no, ex nihilo, from nothing. There is always a price to be payed, besides the monetary. What is responsible for our modern blunders is our unabashed, unbridled faith in our ability to change things for the better, our emotional optimism without rational justification, our humanism, our belief in ourselves. This stupid, a product of an adolescent species, is the primary culprit for our many follies, as of recent.

We have painted ourselves into a corner, with this oil and gas and uranium resources, we have become completely and utterly dependent on something that may only be around for a few more decades, and no doubt this will lead to war, and false flags, and denial, instead of consuming less and powering down, becoming more self sufficient, we are becoming increasingly dependent and interdependent on each other, globalism, and technology, which will inevitably culminate in a doomsday disaster scenario between China, and Russia on the one hand, and Europe and America on the other, with Africa and the middle east in the middle. Oh, and don’t forget about India and Brazil. We will battle for the earths last remaing non renewable resources, and this will no doubt lead to WW3, and the end of civilization, at the very least, perhaps the destruction of all non microbial lifeforms.

Indeed. The price of technological romanticism.

Promethean fire. I like the analogy.

Part of the problem of western societies and our naive faith in invention or technology is like you said, we never learned the lesson of Prometheus.

Thanks. Just trying to connect the dots.

Technically were already destroying the environment at record pace. It won’t be long now. I give it another three hundred years or less before there is no natural environment left.

Well said.

Right, there are many forms of romantic idealism, technological being one of them, sociopolitical being another, and religious being yet another, and what is romanticism but the complete domination of intellect by and for emotion? We find the right wing warning us about the dangers of sociopolitical romanticism, and the left warning us about the dangers of technological romanticism, and here you are warning us about the dangers of both. There is a 3rd option. To be skeptical and cautious of bold attempts to radically reorganize society and nature in accordance with some radical, new, untested ideal about the way things out to be. Not necessarily to reject improvements altogether, but to question and critique more, to be cynical and wise. Perhaps man should be working towards simplifying his life now, rather than complicating it.

So, how did the staged event of 9-11 go like?

Some group of very powerful hidden unnamed men came to the cold logical argument that in order for the continuance of global modern society to keep in motion three thousand people in a false flag event had to die to incite a international military campaign.

I believe that is how they reasoned it out amongst themselves.

This is how the petroleum wars began.

To focus more on what is of practical importance and necessity, rather than on luxury, and daring schemes to dramatically improve our collective lot… and having high aspiations and ambitions. We should expect less from society, drop out as much as possible, as there is no future here to invest in, or none that I can see.

Such will become the growing attitude in the years to come my friend.

Only a few of us can see it now. As time goes by more and more will come to the same conclusions.

Wherever there is great power there is great corruption.

Peak oil is a cover…

They didn’t go through all the trouble of 9/11 just to ‘get oil.’

I mean, it matters, but… not that much. Also, there is no peak oil.

If you don’t believe that peak oil exists that only proves that you don’t know beans about anything at all.

In my humble opinion 9-11 and the war front has always been about petroleum.

I think it’s funny how you can bash other peoples beliefs as the decontructionist you are, and then unashamedly propose your own.

As long as they’re negative right?

It’s called evidence or at the very least a thorough rational hypothesis.

Nobody here arguing opposing views to the subject of this thread has offered anything other than useless conjecture including yourself which isn’t surprising in the very least.

Oh you do that all the time on my threads! I’m not saying your wrong or that it isn’t plausible.

I’m simply calling it like I see it. Personally I don’t think it was an inside Job, but that they did take advantage of the situation.