Peak Oil, 9-11, And The Petroleum Wars

Understand that the United States military was planning the invasian of Libya and Iraq years before it happened.

(Since the 1980’s)

(Soon to be Iran in the near future it currently appears along with possible interventions in Syria…)

( Maybe Lebanon too in coordination with Israel…)

The United States military in coordination with the grand instigators of the CIA for a long time were planning the strategic regime changes of countries like Egypt also. Mission accomplished recently there too. Need that whole Suez canal you know for shipments.

Also, take into considering that those invasians could not take place without the linch pin of 9-11-2001.

9-11-2001 as a event was the necessary excuse to exercise such a international military expansion.

Now step back and look at all the nations the United States is currently inhabiting or attacking militarily within Africa along with the middle east. For the United States, mission accomplished! I would say my theory here is very plausible if not more so than any other one constructed.

Fucking sheep will listen to anything their master shepherds tell them. Oh, I forgot, were in those countries for democracy (debtmockracy), humanitarianism(bullshit social propaganda), and stuff (petroleum). sarcasm

Are you going to ever stay on topic here?


The whole ‘9/11 is about peak oil’ theory was thrown out there by CIA man Michael Ruppert.

Peak oil as a concept was invented by a non-specialist working for a ‘big oil’ cartel company.

Peak oil as it is normally explained ignores the question of oil production, renames extraction as production, and completely ignores the importance of oil being a commodity largely controlled by less than 10 companies worldwide.

Basically, this theory is bullshit, always was bullshit, always will be bullshit. It’s just another ‘there’s too much…’ or ‘there’s not enough…’ fairytale used as a hinge proposition in weak arguments.

Curiously, the fellow who made this video believes that Peak Oil is a fraud.

Provide evidence that peak oil does not exist globally. If you can’t please run along and leave this conversation alone to the adults.

Also, read the pentagon report of global energy scarcities around the world by 2020 before you continue anymore.

It’s good to be prepared.

Now this I disagree with, sure there was lot of Patritiotic Zeal after the 9/11 attacks and it certainly did make it easier to start wars. Anyone, Politician, High ranking Military and Coroporate Plutocrats didn’t “need” it.

I think they simpy used it for all it was worth to support their aims.

Like I said I didn’t say it wasn’t plausible it cetainly is, but thats not the way I see it, it’s certainly possible.

Sense you barely ever construct anything I would agree.

Who’s a sheep?

I could care less about democracy, not sure what you mean about humanitarianism, and like you said Petroleum fuels our entire infastructure, who else but the Nation that uses it the most should have the most of it?

Are you ever going to answer the questions addressed to you on my threads?

Didn’t need it? How else were they to start a global international military expansion without 9-11-2001?

Keep in mind you need a lot of slick bullshit, social propaganda, and some sort of hysterical ‘justification’ in implementing one.

Get back to me when you can think of something beyond 9-11-2001.

At least your honest about the bullshit.



Apparently I was not the first person who thought of this before other.

Apparently a minority of others came to similar conclusions.

How much evidence does one really need? Haliburton was and is Dick Cheney’s baby.

Have we had much of a military expansion? We’ve had wars of course but Expansion isn’t the word i’d use.

Do you?

Not sure what you mean.


Yes, the two theories complement each other rather nicely, I don’t see why they have to be mutually exclusive. They, or we weren’t willing to give up our ‘high’ standard of living, so they had to sacrifice a few of our own, in order to drag us into a war, a war we otherwise may not have been willing to fight.

I can’t think of any other reason why they went in there, besides resources, oil being paramount (it is the number one comodity in the world, the lifeblood of our economy, and the United States of America is its biggest consumer, and one of its smallest producers), and empire building. Well, protecting Israel was probably another major priority.

So this means we all have blood on our hands, as we in the west are benefitting from these wars, some more than others, particularly those who consume a lot of energy. If you want to stop war, perhaps the key is not to have such a decadent, expensive, unsustainable lifestyle, you greedy, hypocritical bastards out there.

Yeah, that’s it for me, I’m a drop out, I never wanted any part of this.

I don’t see myself as a member of my society, I’m on the outside looking in.

I too think more will wake as these things become blatently apparent, but I also believe the majority will remain in a trance, until the very end.

It doesn’t just matter, it is a crucial, essential resource. Without it, all of this would be impossible.

We agree there is a finite quantity of oil in the earth, neh? We agree oil takes thousands, or millions of years to be replenished? We agree the rate of discovery of new, major oil deposists is rapidly decreasing, and many countries, such as the United States, have already peaked decades ago? The oil being discovered now, is in places extremely hard to collect, like the bottom of the sea, and it will take trillions of dollars to extract it, significantly driving up the price of oil. When you add all these factors together, you get peak oil, the evidence is incontrovertible- we are now consuming more than we are discovering and extracting, and there is a finite amount of the stuff, and it is getting more and more expensive to locate it and extract it, and yet our dependency on it is growing, with the rise of eastern economies, such as China and India. World War 3 will be fought over the last remaining oil reserves, as well as uranium reserves and other crucial, essential non renewable resources on this planet, and we will likely destroy the earth, if we do not significantly alter our way of life, our outlook, habits and philosophy.

#-o Great a convert…

I am surprised other people don’t see this. It’s like they don’t want to use any critical thinking at all.

Give up extravagant living? The wealthy entitled class and the corporate welfare that protects them here will never allow it.

They would rather make this planet into a battle field and living nightmare before they allow that.

Finally, somebody else who agrees

Yea just like diamonds are running out. Just like how they are a ‘scarce’ resource.

You guys so funny.

That’s stupid. There is no comparison.

Take your pick of the data - globally we’re producing more oil now than before.

Besides which, oil is largely controlled by a cartel - production and its effect on oil prices has little to do with how much oil there is in the ground or how many refineries and so on. It has everything to do with the cartel manipulating the price for whatever reasons they do it. Look at the massive fluctuations in oil prices over the last few years - supply and demand simply cannot explain such variations.

You mean the report quoted by the Guardian newspaper a year or two ago as conclusive proof of Peak Oil? You’re taking a source promoted by the mainstream media, completely out of context (the Guardian has no expertise on Pentagon reports because they only read them if it suits their agenda), a source produced by the best-funded and probably most powerful state institution that has ever existed?

Really? That’s your proof? Is this some sort of practical joke?

I could, just for example, cite the CIA/National Intelligence Council’s report that says that liquid natural gas will slowly replace oil over the next decade, fully meeting the expanding energy demands of growing Asian economies and the existing developed world. Who do you side with, the CIA or the Pentagon? Not much of a choice, I know.

As to ‘energy scarcity by 2020’ - there’s energy scarcity now. Most people in the world simply cannot afford an oil-based economy, because the cartel has jacked up the price so high. As it turns out, the US has about 2 centuries worth of oil as a backup. They don’t use those resources because they’d rather create money-as-debt to buy oil off the Saudis, who then use that money to buy up the US debt and buy weapons off the US and UK to supposedly protect them against… whoever.

There may be energy scarcity in the West by 2020, but let’s face it, we use FAR too much energy. We could be far more efficient, but Western people are lazy and stupid and would rather desperately protect a system that is ridden with risk and failure because they live more comfortable lives than most people on the planet and for some reason make that their benchmark of the good life.

Are not both ‘resources’ controlled by cartels? Are not both monopolised through warfare and corruption? Are not both considered immensely valuable despite one being virtually useless and the other being a major pollutant? Are not both subject to scarcity myths as a means of convincing people of their value?

Now, address the question of who invented Peak Oil theory and how it completely and utterly plays into the hands of big oil companies, or kindly shut the hell up and stop telling people they are stupid when they in fact know far more about this than you do…