Peak Oil, 9-11, And The Petroleum Wars


Which is it, thousands or millions? In either case, no.


Slightly more true, but still largely incorrect. The Saudis are still just digging into the sand and finding massively pools of oil.

Implicit conclusion: this is a problem of there being too many brown people.

The earth will be fine. We may destroy ourselves, but if you buy into this ‘humanity is a disease’ United Nations propaganda then surely you think our self-destruction is actually a positive step, no?


Tell me if you can see a plane hitting the pentagon. I certainly can’t.

Didn’t they have other cameras on that day. I am sure they did…oh,wait…they won’t disclose them to the public…nevermind.

To SIATD v2:

Oil or petroluem is not a finite resource? Are you fucking kidding me?

How is oil or petroleum a natural renewable resource? I suppose a oil fairy flaps it’s little wings under ground and makes it to where it is a infinite renewable energy resource. :laughing: :unamused: … l_theories … l_theories

The sun will eventually burn out. There are no truly infinite resources. In that sense, oil is a finite resource.

It is produced, by nature, on a continuous basis. Just like that burning ball of gas in the sky, or waves on the oceans.

Address the issue of Peak Oil being invented by a non-petroleum geologist working for a Big Oil cartel company. Address the issue of Peak Oil being the ideal theory for those seeking to profit from the oil economy.

Otherwise, shut the hell up about it. This whole Peak Oil is the cause of 9/11 idea is as old as 9/11 itself. Nothing new. Nothing radical. In fact, it is the theory that the people behind 9/11 would prefer you to believe.

Funny, that…

It being replenished, but at a far, far slower rate then we are consuming it.

That is a good point, I hadn’t thought of it that way before.

al-Qaeda must be clicking their heels at the idea that there are a large number of people who think the U.S. bombed it’s own buildings…

Nonetheless, he was proven right, the United States peaked 40 sum odd years ago, and the data suggests the world is peaking now.

Everyone could have an alterior motive for their theory, it is insufficient to discredit the theory alone. many contemporary proponents of peak oil theory aren’t connected with oil companies, you can’t prove peak oil theorists have an alterior motive for their theories, that’s just your theory, and in any case, many of their theories aren’t even theories, they are facts, and have been proven, like how all the countries that were major producers of oil, peaked in production and distribution along time ago, and the majority of the oil now, is in the middle east and Africa, or underwater, unless you think they’re somehow hiding oil in and around the United States and in and around Europe.

The oil companies could also have reason to want us to believe oil will never run out, so as to discourage people from producing and purchasing alternative fuels.

There are many instances out there that shows how oil or petroleum however you wish to call it is not a renewable resource.

Any argument against the contrary is pointless.

I am curious how SIAT views how 9-11-2001 happened not to mention having him explain all the expansive wars that has since then happened afterwards.

I can agree with that statement however there is some science out there that shows how all oil that exists may not be entirely biologically made either.

Even the oil that is biologically renewable takes thousands of years to renew itself hence my reason for not calling it renewable in the sense that we can’t keep on using it.

Keep in mind that the United States helped make Al-Qaeda what it is today throught the CIA during the 1980’s

Remember the LIbyan rebels who were helping out not to long ago taking down Gadaffi?

Did you know that alot of those (Not all) Libyan rebels were another regional Al-Qaeda organization?

The United States bombing it’s own citizens in order to create a global expansive war ten years later through one of it’s past CIA funded front organizations in the middle east is not really all that far fetched of a idea especially if the government felt sacrificing a small portion of it’s population to gain global energy dominance in the coming years was necessary when one speaks of the continuance of the government trying to preserve itself. You can rationalize killing people all day if you can concoct some sort of pressing reason to do so.

Of course people like you will say, how could our government do this to it’s own citizens? It’s impossible! That can’t be!

People like you only think that because you have too much faith in government where you look at it as a virtuous benevolent structure of power. You fail to see the possibility of the government deceiving you.

You imply too much about me.

I imply only that which you have shown me in past conversations.

Everything is finite… trees are finite, if we cut them down faster than they can replenish themselves, inevitably there will be no more trees, and there are fewer and fewer trees in this world, forests have been destroyed, and are being destroyed, not for something man needs, but for his foolishness, his vanity, because these fools are completely and utterly ruled by their desires and emotions, as opposed to their reason, not that I am against desires and emotions, just that there is surplus of them, and a deficiency of reason, for humans are still evolving, and some are further along in their evolutionary development than others. We are more reasonable, our desires and emotions are proportionate, not excessive and primitive.

Well, how come there aren’t thousands of oil fields and wells materializing all over the United States, how come oil is no longer plentiful there?

Eventually the Saudis will run out of oil, as the United States and Europe are running out of oil, or do you think there’s something magical about the land of Saudi Arabia, perhaps oil is infinite there?

Chinese aren’t brown. In any case, there are too many of the bastards, if you only make 2000 dollars a year, you can’t afford to feed 20 kids, so don’t have 20, and expect other people to sacrifice their kids resources in order to feed them. Personally, I wouldn’t advocate the destruction of Chinese and Indians, although I am not against their one child birth policies, nor am I particularly for it, you see, I’m not pro government either, and this is where I agree with the Mr Walker, as he is both skeptical of capitalism and socialism. I am against both of them because they are both forms of slavery in their own way. I am for dropping out of civilization and culture as much as possible. Neo tribalism, mitigated egoistic asceticism, extreme individualism.

The destruction of some, maybe. Not me, I always put myself first, if I actually believed consumerism was to my benefit, I would be a consumerist, I’m not primarily an anticonsumerist because I am selfsacrificial- I believe in sacrificing myself for nature or for government, I’m anticonsumerist because I don’t need all this crap to live a descent life. I am an asocialist, not a socialist, or an antisocialist, I believe there is a surplus of activity, particularly material activity, I think the kind of society Thomas Jefferson envisioned, or an anarcho individualist spin off of it, would probably be a more ideal society. Thomas Jefferson was an individualist, but he was not a capitalist, there is a difference.

I agree. :laughing:

Kindly rephrase the question more specifically. If I were to outline my views on all this then we’d be here for about two years.

Produce this data.

It is openly admitted that the US has vast untapped reserves of relatively easily-accessed oil that it is saving for a rainy day. It isn’t a matter of me thinking it, it’s just true whether you like it or not.

My gas company charges me an extra 5-10% to meet the government’s ‘green concerns’. Whichever way people look at it, the dominant energy cartel will find a way to profit from it.

Indeed, everything is finite. So why pick on oil in particular? Solar power is finite, however much prettier it might seem to watermelon enviro-dictators.

Oil is plentiful there - some wells are filling back up, some have been untouched for reasons of national security. I wish you’d bothered to actually look into this before forming an opinion on it.

Eventually the sun will burn out. On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. So I ask again, why pick on oil?

Likewise one might say to Americans (and other Westerners), ‘If you don’t have the resources to maintain extremely inefficient, selfish, stupid, pointless, materialistic lifestyles then don’t try to maintain such lifestyles’.

You and Joker wouldn’t last five minutes. Joker tried to drop out of civilisation and within a matter of weeks he was whinging and complaining and blaming everyone else and making up bullshit sob stories. If you truly believed what you were saying then you sure as hell wouldn’t be on an internet forum, you’d have already dropped out of civilisation to the degree that that would be impossible.

I couldn’t care less about what some rich, white, slave-owning asshole said 200 years ago. It has literally no relevance to the current battle, no matter how much people stick the tag ‘Patriot’ on his image…


Too lazy, look for it yourself.

I doubt this is true, but even if it is, how come they’re not discovering any new oil fields, and how come they’re reserving and not using, if oil is an infinite resource? As soon as they sell oil, according to your theory, an equal or greater quantity of oil should materialize out of the ether, so there would be no need to reserve, and they wouldn’t have to buy oil at expensive rates and be reliant on foreign organizations like opec, who don’t like them very much, for oil.

So in other words, Hubbard and other peak oil theorists aren’t benefitting the oil companies, and therefore, they have no reason to lie or exaggerate peak oil theory, because it doesn’t necessarily profit oil companies.

Because oil is the number one comodity in the world, second is coffee, third is pharmeceuticals. Are economy is not dependent on solar, it is dependent on oil, and I don’t just pick on oil, uranium will eventually run out, and trees will continue to run out if we continue to populate the world like we have been.

Where’s your data for this? Yes I realize it is somewhat hypocritical to ask you for data. It is just that I haven’t focused on peak oil for a while now, I’m going off stuff I researched 5 years ago.

Because the sun will burn out 5 billion years from now, oil looks like its burning out now, or within the next half a century. Apples and oranges, man has no impact on the sun, he cann’t deplete it like he can an oil well, a ridiculous analogy.

Exactly, I whole heartedly agree, I speak to western as well as african and easter peoples, I think we should all cut back, but in truth I don’t really care what others are doing, I mainly focus on myself, and what I’m doing.

Well, it is a work in progress. I don’t consume much, and I don’t really produce anything at my job, I just clean up, so I’m not really contributing anything to our civilization, and I steal things from stores, without giving anything back. Also, I don’t have any children, and I’m not planning on having any, and one is the most I’d ever have. I don’t plan on living in the forest anytime soon, but things aren’t to grim in Canada right now, if they got worse, like they are in Spain, I would considering an illegalist revolution, or going off the grid.

That’s your problem.