Pentti Linkola

Has anybody heard of Pentti Linkola before?

His philosophy is one of complete death and destruction. :laughing:

My job is complete bullshit, and I live where I work, with the internet on all day… yet somehow you post more than me despite spending 19 hours a day looking for work.

I’ve thought about this before. I can see it being used as an end of days rationale by, well, whichever nation has the capability to carry out such a procedure, when resources and international relations reach a critical point.

Definitely a plan B.

Not a issue with America, we’ll just overrun Canada… and the Canucks by that point will likely know it’s coming and will just say fuck it, what ever, and just watch the tanks go by.

Honestly, like every superpower should have a Canada next to it. Us does, China has eastern Russia…

US also has a permanent aircraft carrier, largest in the world anchored outside of Europe to keep them off our backs… it’s called the USS United Kingdom

  1. I sometimes post from the local library multi tasking back and fourth filling out online applications.

  2. I have my portable wifi apparatus also.

  3. You are being a dick.