people with same views as kierkegaard

I am trying to write a dialogue using a person with views close to kierkegaard. It can be a person from history or pop culture, but I can not think of a person. The dialogue has to show all of Kierkegaards views with some sharing views of the character and some opposing. Any ideas on a person or how to go about this?

Read a book called Therapy by David Lodge, in which the protagonist (a sitcom writer in his 50s) becomes obsessed with Kierkegaard. It should provide some stimulation and an example of how Kierkegaard has been treated by a contemporary novelist.

“Change must come at the barrel of a gun - Mao Tze-Tung”

For what’s its worth, the original is: “the gun barrel yields political power”.

… Back to Kirk: anyone seen Fabiano lately?

I know, but the Alabama 3 needed a lyric

The last I heard of Fabiano was months ago, he said he was going to make a decision regarding his depression. I can only speculate as to what that decision was.