People you miss

The royal “we”?

In this context!

As for situating “the royal we” in all of this…? =D>

Nope. At least not since James Randi died.

On the other hand, astrologers around the globe no doubt predicted it. :wink:

I did not know that man. My condolences though.

Lol… the context lies somewhere, in another thread… :laughing:







I miss the people and time before the internet or social media existed. I miss the period of time when people weren’t always looking at their cellphones or touch screens. The last twenty something years has been nothing short of a disaster for all of humanity.

Can you really remember the time before the internet?

I agree with this. =D>

They constantly run into street poles with their cell phones. In their heads, they are actually already machine humans, autistic cyborgs: … 0#p2804854 .

Well yea, but remember the time when one had to run to an unregulated pay phone and loose am outragious amount of change without being able to connect, even in an emergency ?

The good old days are 99% nostalgia and one percent perspiration.

In my home country there was never an “unregulated pay phone”, but always regulated phones and regulated pay phones. In the last decades before the internet, hardly anyone had to walk to the pay phone. Well, the thing with the small change is true. But it was worth it to me. You could regulate that very well.

Think about the many sick brains of today, whose owners walk around like autistic cyborgs. In comparison, I prefer to be nostalgic and very happy. I am very happy. Do you think that the young startled chickens are happy too? Really?

I forgot about the female side:

Arcturus Descending.

ILP has changed a lot since I went on my well deserved break (“vacation”) on December 27 2017 after my then last post. The majority is now with the morons, retards, trolls. On top of that, moderation is almost non-existent.


Kathrina, I miss you. :frowning:


I haven’t been away for long.

You must have been on the MOON too long again. Huh?


Good that you reminded me. Thank you, Kathrina.

This time I have been on the dark side of the Moon.


In addition to those already named I miss Uccisore, PavlovianModel146, Carleas, Tab, Future Man, Thirst4Metal, Xunzian, yopele and Dr. Satanical, along with the old cast of characters from the early days.

EDIT: Ooops, guess Carleas is still here? :blush:

And Drift.

…so cute. :romance-admire:

Go get a room! =;


When it pays to not be fast…